indoor led lights how to use indoor christmas lights outside | ehow

by:Leimove     2020-01-18
When buying Christmas lights, you will find boxes marked "indoors" and "outdoors.Both sets of lights look the same and most buyers can use them interchanges.Indoor Decoration is common and safe to use outdoor lights, but precautions must be taken if you use outdoor lights decoration.Outdoor lights can withstand wet conditions and cold weather, while indoor lights cannot.Therefore, if you decorate the outdoors using indoor lights, you must protect your lights from the outside elements.
Decorate the patio furniture on your covered porch.The lighting inside the screen porch has the lowest exposure to elements.Outline your patio chair and table with string lights and wrap the hanging lights around your desktop.Pay special attention to your patio furniture by using flashing Christmas lights.
Outline the windows of your home with indoor lights.Most windows have a window to cover the rain and snow.Fix the window with a fixed light and plug the light into the indoor power outlet.
Place the flash directly under your sink along the wall.Your ditch will protect your lights from rain, sun and snow.Use a hammer and nail to secure your light and connect the power cord to the extension cord to power on.
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