infrared led How to Install an RV Rearview Camera

by:Leimove     2020-03-15
The RV relies on a side mirror to provide the driver with a view from the rear of the vehicle.This makes it easy to misjudge distance and Miss small obstacles.Backup cameras eliminate these problems and they have a better view of the view than the rearview mirror.A good backup camera with a wide angle lens of 100 degrees or more and an infrared LED light can capture everything that happens during the day or night behind you.In order to make the installation faster, choose a wireless device that is strong and durable, wind-proof and rain-proof.If you want to hear the sound behind you, make sure your camera has a microphone.Operation difficulty: install the monitor moderately.Find a place on your dashboard where you can easily see the display without blocking your view of the road.Clean the area with a rag soaked in alcohol and let it dry.Connect the display holder to your cleaned area using the hook and loop fasteners that come with the system.Plug the power cord of the monitor into the free 12 v power outlet.Use the top or bottom screws on the rear license plate to mount the camera to the back of the RV.Connect the camera power cord to the spare lighting circuit.If you can find an opening, or drill a hole carefully, place the rubber gasket that comes with the system inside and go through the card lamp socket.Remove the spare bulb and the socket it plugs.Use the Scotch-The lok that comes with the system is used to connect the red lead on the camera power cord to the color lead in the backup circuit.Connect the black lead on the camera power cord to the black lead in the backup circuit.Replace the socket and bulb you removed.Calibration System.Start the parking brake, power the display on and reverse the transmission.Make sure the display matches the view in the rearview mirror.Test the system by releasing the parking brake and slowly backing up while watching the display.Make any necessary adjustments to the direction of the camera and the image quality setting of the display.Tips & warningssources article written by Dan EashDan Eash began professional writing in 1989, published in LaHabra's Daily Star progress and fulleton college JournalSince then, he has created scripts for the doctor and dentist's office, published manuals, help papers, and training videos.His free career also includes a book.Eash has a music/recording production assistant at the fulleton School of Art and a certificate in multimedia production at the Nova Institute.
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