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by:Leimove     2020-02-18
LED Ribbon is a versatile lighting solution that will revolutionize the way we think about home and enterprise lighting.As the name implies, the LED ribbon is a long and thin LED strip.The board with the led installed is completely flexible and can be deformed into complex shapes without damaging the internal components.Unlike other types of lighting that are usually very hard, this ribbon can be mounted on a concave-convex surface and can bend the 90-degree angle relatively easily.What's more unique is that these LED lights can be cut to any length you want.For example, fluorescent tubes can only be purchased in standard sizes, while LED ribbons can be cut into specific lengths according to individual requirements for installation.It can be cut by itself or by a professional installer/electrician.While there is little limitation in the position and way the LED ribbon is used, its long and thin design makes it especially suitable for hidden and subtle lighting schemes.In these applications, the lights are expected to remain invisible and often need to be installed in a narrow space.Some examples include light box backlight and shelf lighting under cabinet lighting.They can also be used in more general-purpose applications and can even directly replace conventional fluorescent tube lamps.The LED ribbon also eliminates many technical difficulties associated with installation.Most can run directly from the home wall plug via a 12 v LED driver/transformer, but they can also be connected directly to the wall switch for a fully integrated experience.They also don't need any stand or stand as a 3 m selfAdhesive backing allows them to stick directly to the surface.There are two main types of LED ribbons to choose from;Monochrome and discolored RGB.The monochrome ribbon has both warm white and cold white, while the discolored RGB allows you to choose from a variety of static and dynamic environmental effects.Since the ribbon is a low voltage (12 v DC) product, a transformer is required to replace the power supply.These are simple to use and install, making the ribbon very safe to use.Finally, it is important to mention that these LED ribbons do have a different color base/back, and transparent (white) and opaque (black) are the most famous of many colors.
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