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by:Leimove     2020-02-04
Explains how the LCD HDTV backlight (CCFL and LED) is used to illuminate the screen, as well as local dimming, pixels, and contrast.\ "LCD (LCD) hdtv (hdtv) usually uses a micro cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFLs) as a backlight or edge light to illuminate the screen.CCFLs limits color reproduction, darkens over time, needs to be replaced, and contains mercury.LEDs (LEDs) used as backlights provide a wider range of colors, do not need to be replaced, use less power, and do not contain mercury.Using the "local dimming" technology, the LED backlight can be turned off in the dark image area, making the black as dark as possible by completely turning off the pixel light source.Instead, the pixel group can be controlled locally to produce more light, thereby increasing the brightness of the image if necessary.In digital imaging, pixels (picture elements) are the smallest information items in an image represented using a point, square, or rectangle.The intensity of each pixel varies with the red, green, and blue components."Led TV" can achieve amazing contrast and express "actual black level", thus providing dynamic contrast of 1,000,000: 1 for sharp, full TV, HD 1080 p pictureContrast is the ratio of the brightness of the brightest color (white) and the darkest color (black) that the system can produce.High contrast is the ideal aspect of any display and successfully eliminates the grayMany LCD HD TVs have black pictures.
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