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by:Leimove     2020-02-05
You don't just buy a TV with an antenna connection anymore.If you want to experience the greatest technology, check out the LG 42SL9500 TV.A unique feature of the LG 42SL9500 is a seamless design.It's unlikely that your friends and family will believe it's actually a TV sitting in an entertainment center.It's really a TV that will appeal to you even if it's not played.You will have the most stylish look and some advanced technology.You may really enjoy watching a 42-inch flat-screen TV that offers one of the most amazing and vivid pictures of all the new TVs.You will have the luxury of this TV, which can be adjusted according to the environment in terms of contrast and clarity.Thanks to a feature called Smart sensors, you don't need to worry about the days when you turn the knob to get the right color.The LG 42SL9500 is an energy-saving product that saves up to 62% of the cost in the power range required for operation.In an environment where we must now respect its energy sources, this is indeed an advantage.Due to the cool technology of the LED backlight function, this can have an impact on your electricity bill.Everyone has heard about Bluetooth.Nevertheless, have you ever heard of it in the world of television?This TV has the ability to handle the connection of the phone to it so you can watch the video or listen to music on Bluetooth.You will even get a set of wireless headphones so that you can watch the TV without disturbing other families.Part of the clarity of the picture on the LG 42SL9500 is because another feature eliminates the blur between TV frames.These frames have been used in the TV for years, but you most likely don't notice a slight blur when the frame changes to keep the image rolling.Using the technology provided by 100Hz Tru, you will definitely notice that it is not thereMotion.You will be able to connect your DVD player and console on one of the four HDMI ports.You can also add a complete super awesome entertainment center to your wired or satellite connection.This set is in high definition, blue light.Ray is ready and you can watch your DivX movie as well.With the LG 42SL9500, you will have one of the most complete entertainment.Most TV with a thin design won't be able to provide the high quality sound you might expect, like the photos you'll get.To make sure your entertainment center sounds as good as it looks, add a complete surround sound speaker to the LG 42SL9500.These will add finishing touches to an awesome TV set.Sadly, there is no SD card reader just because LG decided that this TV only needs a USB port.The USB socket allows you to connect to a wide range of multimedia products (avc hd, SD, and HD DivX), which is no big deal.If this is not enough, the SL9500 version also benefits from LG's support for DNLA-compatible products that allow you to connect to streaming content via an Ethernet port.The SL9500's remote control is easy to use and has the advantage of a backlight panel, which makes it easy to see what you are doing when used in a dark room.
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