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by:Leimove     2020-02-04
The Toshiba REGZA zv6 50 Series LCD TV is a mix of charming features and bulky features that need to be checked carefully.The Zv6 50 Series 1 s consists of three models, 42-Inch 42 zvuzu, 47-47zvuzu, 52-inch 52-ZV650U.The suggested retail prices for the first two models were $1,299 and $1,699 respectively;Price of 52-The inch model is still not available, but it is likely to exceed $2,000.Three zv6 50 TVs will be available on April.Except for the difference in size, the zv6 50 version has the exact same basic features --set.These LCD TVs are Toshiba's first to use LED backlight.By replacing the traditional fluorescent backlight used on the LCD panelThe flat-screen TV, Toshiba, has significantly reduced the energy consumption of the zv6 50 version compared to their predecessors.LED backlight is also brighter and longer-Longer than fluorescence.Saving energy costs brings the zv6 50 series to Energy Star 3.Energy consumption standards.If you care about your monthto-The monthly electricity bill for the Zv6 50 TV should not have a significant impact on your use.All three versions are 1080 p high.Definition resolution.On TV below 50Inch, this resolution is a bit too high, although it's hard to get 40-at 1 t now-TV without inches.There are a lot of connections to the Zv6 50 model accessories, such as four HDMI inputs.This is enough to hold a blue light.Video Player-Console, HD camera, cable or satellite TV-top box.Toshiba also has an integrated two component analog HD input and you should need extra space.Two non-The Zv6 50 TV uses the traditional input mode, highlighting the SD-Card slot and USB input.Toshiba has integrated USB inputs that allow viewers to set up media content that they personally download, such as videos, photos or music records, connect to a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive, and immediately plug it into the TV.TV can decode video in MPEG1, MPEG-Format, as well as JPEG pictures and MP3 music files.The SD-The card slot allows photo viewing of JPEG image files.Still, you can find two main functions to get a skeptical eye.The first is the ClearScan 240Hz refresh rate claimed by Toshiba.The details are sketchy, but this so-called 240Hz spec 1sn is not actually 240Hz, however, 1 nstead a achieves "240Hz effect" by using a 120Hz refresh rate in conjunction with a "backlight scan" using LED backlight ".What must this mean?Frankly, what that might mean.It looks like red tape for technical advertising.jumbo.Even if the zv6 50 series is capable of reaching 240Hz, that's too much.120Hz is hardly worth the extra cost associated with this, not to mention double.Don't be fooled by this fancy specification.Another feature is the deep lake design, which Toshiba says is inspired by nature.Deep Lagoon design produces fadingUsing a curved baffle fitted with a recessed point, combine the outer edges of the TV together.This is a very attractive search, but 1 t is just an aesthetic and does not affect the level of display.Overall, the zv6 50 series is not the most exciting new TV series to debut in 2009.There are several attractive new innovations such as USB inputs, but there are also some eyesLike the ClearScan 240 feature, roll-induced prosperity.In contrast, Samsung and their ultra-Broadband for LG and Vizio-All of Toshiba's TV sets have been enabled.
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