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by:Leimove     2020-02-04
The 9000 sequence eventually produced the appearance of CES 2010, which has undergone some major changes since we first described it in April 2009.Like almost every highThe final model announced at CES is actually 1080 p, 240Hz, local-LED dimming, WiFi-Ready (Netflix streaming!Samsung App Store!), And supports 3D with active shutter glasses.It's about as thick as No.2 pencil (0.3 inch) like Toshiba's Cell TV, 2D programs can be converted up to 3d.The complete color touch screen remote control is the correct resistor.It communicates via WiFi and infrared, works from the middle man, transfers video from your PC to the TV, here is the best part, let you watch the TV in your palm even when playing something else on the display.When the game started, my girlfriend was watching a little chicken movie?Watch the remote control.This brushed-Metal monsters are the coolest thing we hear in the new year.Come back often to see and we will post the street date, price and all product information as soon as possible.It turns out they did, but Samsung changed their name to 8500 before shipping.The 8500 does not contain the wireless a/V media box, and it appears when using the 9000 series, as we reported (according to the Samsung representative, this detail is just a rumor ).In addition, the 8500 s were exactly the same people in the 9000 s.Without this area, the new version really doesn't have more than 8000, so Samsung decided to brand them in the 8 series.8500 does have backlightLED for local dimming where 8000 s uses the Edge LED backlight, but it looks like they will wait for an extra break to break through the 9 collection tags.Now, it's time to look at some Samsung TVs, which (though not yet at the cost) will almost certainly be more expensive than the 8000 series.Samsung's 9000 series is designed to replace the previous A950 Series LCD TV, which has won a lot of praise between video enthusiasts and senior connoisseursDefine media.These are the highest.end.Although they may not be within the scope of the budgetShoppers with ideas, these 9000The TV series does have some remarkable features and innovations to watch.Compared to Model 6000/7000/8000, for example 6/7/8000-The Samsung 9000 series TV is illuminated with LED backlight instead of fluorescent backlight.Even if the overall energy consumption of the TV is reduced, this greatly improves the image quality and accuracy.It is each eye-Friendly environment, technological progress and ecological responsibility are a good turning point.The nature of the LED backlight between 6/7/8000 products and 9000 products may vary.6/7/8000 models use \ "edge-Light up the led to light up their display.This means that the LED lights are mounted around the edge of the panel rather than directly behind the panel.The 9000 series includes accurate LED backlighting while using the LED mounted at the back of the screen.This makes the 9000 version more versatile in how to operate the backlight, and implements an interesting new feature called "local dimming "."The flashing backlight will illuminate the entire screen at the same time.Each part on the LCD display has exactly the same brightness, which makes it difficult to distinguish the dark and light areas accurately.Therefore, the problem of comparison of liquid crystal display is compared with plasma.With accurate LED backlighting, the TV is able to play a greater control role than the lighting and adjust the brightness of a specific position independently of another monitor.This means that in every scene in the dark and light area, a 9000-The series TV can solve the problem of each area according to the personal terms, increase the power of the highlights, and reduce the brightness for the dark area.This increases the vitality of the picture and makes more people more pleasant.Define experience.
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