led backlight the applications of led backlight panel - tech updates

by:Leimove     2019-07-26

How much do you know about led backlight panels?Do you know the application of this product?This file will give you some ideals.There are many names for backlight technology, such as guide light, backlight, edge lighting, led backlight kit, etc.These names refer to the same thing, which is the led backlight panel.The main material of the Led backlight panel is the transparent acrylic sheet.Acrylic sheet is an industrial material with very light weight but great strength.When printing clear acrylic paper with dots or lines, it can transfer the light from the side to the surface.By this method, the transparent acrylic sheet is made into a backlight panel and is widely used in many products.When we install the led light strip on the side of the panel, it can provide a very uniform surface light source.So, what is the application of led backlight panel?In our daily life, LCD screens can be seen everywhere.There are a lot of products using liquid crystal display, such as computer screen, LCD TV, mobile phone screen, watch screen and so on.There must be backlight in every LCD display.Backlight is used to provide light sources.The LCD monitor works, but we can't see anything without a backlight panel.Nowadays, the led light strip is the main use of the backlight panel.Compared to the CCFL backlight panel, the led backlight panel has many advantages.It is also called a ceiling lamp.It has a wide range of applications in many places, such as restaurants, offices, markets, hospitals, etc.The panel lights are very stylish, safe and popular.Every lamp must have a backlight panel.When we walk down the street or buy things in the store, we can usually see the light box.Light boxes are a way of advertising.It shows the most popular and beautiful products.The ultra-Ultra-thin light boxes, magnetic light boxes, Crystal Light boxes provide surface light with acrylic plates.There are also many other applications using backlight, such as some machines, some toys, some furniture, etc.The biggest feature of backlight technology is that it can provide even surface light with very thin thickness.                                

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