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by:Leimove     2020-03-06

This is an article about global warming.Information about global warming needs to be shared urgently, as there are many dubious myths about the climate in cyberspace.First of all, I will try to 1) define the word "global warming.We will then explore the relationship between climate change and global warming.Will discuss it.From the nature and causes of human activity.Global warming will be outlined.However, it is difficult to reach a consensus on this issue, which is no longer a secret.controversy.After discussion, what is global warming?Fact or Fiction?-will follow.Will be proposed.As an appendix below, I have collected some pictures of global warming.These pictures are very enlightening, I think.1.This term represents an increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, observed and predicted.2.climate change.Global warming is not necessarily the result of climate change.On the other hand, climate change is bound to be the result of global warming.Therefore, although climate change is related to global warming, it is not the same as the term.Climate change is also likely to lead to the opposite result of a drop in temperature.That is, the climate may change when the global average temperature rises, for example, the duration and severity of storms and droughts may be affected.The climate change after global warming will be described in detail below.3.For centuries, it has been suspected that human activity will affect the local climate.For example, the ancient Greeks have discussed whether deforestation will bring more.Or less.Rainfall in a regionNevertheless, major climate changes seem to have taken place by themselves.The atmosphere was increased.It is realized that the average temperature in the North Atlantic region has risen over the past 50 years.Many scientists deny it is a problem, but he is an amateur.S.Callendar insisted firmly.Global warming is underway.Callendar's theory and global warming articles have caused some scientists to calculate using improved tehcniques.It has a significant effect on the radiation balance of the atmosphere.Oceans generated through human activity are not easily absorbed by the oceans.In the atmosphereChanges in the climate system can happen suddenly.When Emiliani and Broecker are deep-Marine cores and ancient corals confirm that climate systems are sensitive even with minor changes.The average temperature in the world will rise several degrees.Studies have shown that the possible collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet will make the sea level rise sharply.Global warming may even bring cooling.This year is a year of drought in Africa, Ukraine and India, and there is concern that this is caused by climate change.ozone layer.It is reported that ozone (and methane) can contribute to the greenhouse effect.Similarly, changes in ecosystems such as deforestation are also considered serious factors for the future climate.-not cooling -The real threat to the future.In the United States, more and more people are skeptical about global warming theory.S.Strong global warming since the medium termIt was observed that 70,1981 was the warmest year to date (recorded.Ramanathan said that due to the increase in greenhouse gases, global warming could be twice as fast as predicted so far, while Broecker warned that the restructuring of the North Atlantic circulation could bring climateThe Montreal Protocol limits emissions of gases that destroy the ozone layer at the international level.The study confirmed that the ecosystem feeds back information through methane.1988 was also the year when the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change was established.However, the global climate alliance is made up of the United States and other countries.S.The oil industry, which claims that the results of climate science are uncertain, is justified.Skeptics believe that the temperature change in the 20 th century occurred due to the influence of the sun.The Rio conference produced the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which the United States objected.The ice core in Greenland seems to indicate that huge climate change will take place within a decade.The second report of the IPCC said that serious climate warming may occur in the 21 st century.The breakdown of the Antarctic ice is affecting public opinion.Toyota launched its first mass-production hybrid.Now, other forms of alternative energy are really on the agenda.The United States has rejected efforts in advance to reach an international agreement on reducing natural gas emissions.It was El nio who caused a serious disaster.The warmest year ever recorded.The US oil lobby has once again demonstrated its influence, making the US government play down the climate issue.The third IPCC report says global warming is "very likely ".Now scientists have almost reached a consensus, even on the risk of climate change.Several observations suggest that the collapse of ice fields in Greenland and Antarctica may raise sea levels faster than expected.The Kyoto Protocol entered into force.Even in the United States, efforts to slow emissions are accelerating, and the United States must deal with the serious damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.The fourth IPCC report noted that the impact of global warming has become "obvious ".It has been found that Greenland and Antarctica are shrinking faster than predicted.Several experts have warned that warming is faster and more dangerous than expected a few years ago.The Copenhagen meeting failed to reach an agreement.Many see this as the last chance to avoid dangerous climate change.As this brief historical resume shows, the past decades have been a long process..According to the World Meteorological Organization, this is a year of "extreme weather.4.Why does global warming happen?An interesting question here is, of course, the overall problem of the causes and effects of global warming.But before we draw conclusions about the impact of human activityAfter asking about the cause of global warming.These include volcanic eruptions and changes in the level of solar radiation on Earth.There is no doubt that the impact of human activity on global warming is the most serious.It is a cause that is sometimes almost forgotten by the media.How does global warming cause cement production?Cement is burned out of limestone.It has become one of the major threats to the Earth's atmosphere.Burning of fossilsOn the other hand, it is well known.In addition, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides pollute air such as cars, ships, electricity, etc.Two factors of fossil burningThan natural processes can be removed in the atmosphere.Breathe oxygen.Therefore, the rapid deforestation is a serious threat to climate.We will discuss this in more detail below.4) all the concrete used to build roads, buildings and tunnels absorb and store heat, so the temperature in the urban area is significantly higher than that in the surrounding countryside.One of the answers to this question is that, as mentioned, forests are rapidly being cut down around the world.Although forests cover about 30% of the world's land each year over 75.The forest was swallowed up by deforestation.On this scale, there will be no forest in a hundred years.Cutting down forests is not only for greed or benefit.For many people, cutting down forests is necessary in order to support their families.Often, small farmers clean up a few acres of land and burn down trees, a method called "cutting and burning down agriculture ".Other reasons may be the demand in the wood and paper industry, but there is the same demand for road construction.Deforestation poses a threat to several species living in forests, but it also causes climate change.The soil dried, and many of the former woodlands quickly turned into deserts.Deforestation can also lead to more extreme temperature fluctuations.In this case, however, the most important thing is that trees play an important role in absorbing greenhouse gases that produce global warming.The reduction in forests means an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.5.What is the impact of global warming?Scientists warn that the temperature may increase with the increase of 7.If we don't reduce the emissions of fossil fuels, the temperature in the 21 st century is 2 degrees Fahrenheit.This will cause great changes.Some examples are: 1) more wild fires than before, 2) negative effects on people's health, and 3) changes in wildlife conditions, especially around the poles.This seems to be a minor problem for humans, because there is an ozone hole around the poles where there is almost no human life.But in fact, it will eventually affect everyone.It has caused climate change around the world.Recently, an ozone hole five times the size of California was observed in the Arctic, and now this is the first time it matches the ozone loss over the Antarctic.The ozone layer filters ultraviolet radiation from the sun.This is an important process, because too much radiation can cause great damage to the environment, especially it may destroy the DNA of the organism and cause diseases such as cancer.This fact should worry us because we also find that the incidence of cancer in humans is rising.The increased incidence of cancer destroys the food chain and the ecosystem.According to the United Nations Special Committee on Climate Change, the number of severe global droughts has been increasing since the 1970 s, affecting food prices and drinking water resources.Ultraviolet rays may also affect the ability of plants to produce mature fruits.Even the tiny plants in the ocean are facing serious attacks.Another significant impact of global warming and ozone consumption is the prediction of larger storms.According to the IPCC, tropical cyclone activity has become more intense since the 1970 generation, resulting in loss of human life and expensive losses.Scientists also warned that climate could be disturbed because radiation would have an impact on the movement of wind in the upper atmosphere.This may have a serious impact in the future.The movement of the air will affect the local temperature and may lead to changes in rainfall in one area.Therefore, in general, the consequences of ozone depletion are serious.About 30% of the beam from the sun to Earth is deflected by the outer atmosphere.It is back in space from here.The remaining 70% hit the Earth, and then reflected up again, with a slow-moving energy called infrared radiation.The heat generated by this infrared radiation is absorbed by so-called "greenhouse gases", including carbon dioxide, methane and ozone.This slowed the escape from the atmosphere.Although greenhouse gases account for only about 1% of the atmosphere, they are replacing heat and regulating our climate in this way.This is what scientists call the "greenhouse effect ".Without it, it would be much colder on the Earth, so it would not be possible to maintain our current ecosystem.This process.This is because human activity accelerates this process by producing more greenhouse gases than is needed to warm the Earth to an ideal temperature.Keeping more infrared radiation, the temperature of the air on the surface of the Earth and in the lower atmosphere is increasing.Today's temperature is rising at an unprecedented rate.For centuries, global temperatures have risen at a rate of about one degree Fahrenheit.It is estimated that the 21 st century will increase by 2.5 degrees.This is more than a double.The most pessimistic forecast is 10.5 degree!Sea levels are rising all over the world.Rising temperatures are expected to lead to the melting of ice plains and Alpine glaciers in Greenland and the Andley River, further driving the process.The IPCC estimates that the global average sea level will rise between 0.6 and 2 feet in the 21 st century, depending on the rate of melting the ice sheet.However, the problem is rather complicated.Data is being affected.In addition, sea level rise varies from region to region.The sea level has even dropped!Nevertheless, the IPCC concluded that these effects were "almost certainly excessively negative ".Rising sea level leads to wetlands and low water level floodsLying area and erosion area.6.Global warming?Evidence?So far, discussions on evidence of global warming have been going on for decades, and debates on global warming are often difficult and irreconcilable.A few years ago, the advocates of global wamring's pessimistic theory received an outstanding representative: Al Gore.Global warming is a serious threat to mankind.Gore.There is no doubt that his intervention has intensified the debate, triggering strong resistance among those who, for some reason, have struggled with the "global warming scam.So there's a core circle where no matter how many arguments you state, there's no evidence of global warming.Nevertheless;7.1) the average temperature rises by 1.According to NASA's research, since 1880, four degrees Fahrenheit has been upgraded in recent decades.The ice in the Arctic is rapidly disappearing.Regional culture can now be observed.The global average.Snow and glaciers in the mountains are melting rapidly.In 1910 Glacier national parks in Montana, there are 150 glaciers, and now there are only 27.5) More and more extreme weather is observed: heat waves, strong tropical storms, wild fires, just to name a few.6) in the northern hemisphere, the thaw is one week ahead of schedule and one week (on average) is frozen ).Coral reefs are very sensitive to temperature changes.1998 was the worst year ever for coral reefs.Unless you are willing to deny the facts, these facts about global warming cannot be discussed!8.How do we reduce global warming?Now let's talk about the basic question of this article: how to prevent global warming.Well, it's always easy (and it's free!) Blame politicians and influential people for not doing enough..If we want to change the world, we should start with ourselves!Imagine everyone thinking this way!What a wonderful world we can create!you and me.What can we --do?.For you and me..Save the Earth.Not only does that mean you have to know what to do.You have to do that.By reading this article on preventing global warming, you are now on your way to completing the first step!..Choosing a vegetarian diet has a positive impact on biodiversity and reducing water consumption in agriculture.Also, in fact, livestock produce more greenhouse gases than transport!A lot of oil is used to make ammonium nitrate fertilizer (for corn in their village ).Transporting cattle to slaughter og stores is also an important negative factor.If you want to eat meat, it should be local.Buy locally produced and grown products."Green" products..Others are encouraged to do the same.is recycled.Do not print if not necessary!.The other way to prevent global warming is to change your family.And can save a lot of carbon dioxide.Only one bulb per ton of greenhouse gas can save about 1 out of 3.But keep in mind that these bulbs need to be recycled properly!..Also, reduce electrical appliances that waste energy, after all you don't really need..Even turning off the electronics will consume energy.Or you can turn them off using the power center.using refills.Home.Store heat.You will save money and reduce emissions in the long run.Replace inefficient insulation.Turn the cold water down instead of turning the hot water up.Outdoor.Another simple (healthy!push mower.Save carbon dioxide and strengthen your muscles!.More ways to stop global warming include the very important issue of transportation.And reduce your gas emissions by 1 on average.(If you don't, go to the city center and get one!Fuel-efficient cars.Be a "green driver ".Save gas by removing unused external devices such as roof racks and emptying unused objects.Turn off your engine if possible.Keep the car tires inflated.Under-Inflation tires reduce fuel economy.Replace the air filter when needed and clean it regularly.This reduces pollution and makes it easier for your car to get the right mixture of air and fuel.How do we prevent global warming?As you can see, even in daily life, there are several answers to the question of how to stop global warming.The list above does not pretend to be complete.The point is, we can't put politicians in charge of global warming.You and I can all act on our own.Energy saving tips-9.I hope this article on global warming deepens your understanding of the topic.As mentioned earlier, in order to encourage us to act as individuals, information on global warming is essential.More information on global warming can be found on several websitessites.This is just my modest contribution to the flow of global warming articles!Below I have collected some illustrations of global warming.Picture, which-Everyone has their own way.Is evidence of a problem with our planet.
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