led by light LED Lighting Versus Conventional

by:Leimove     2020-03-27
led by light LED Lighting Versus Conventional
The incandescent lamp invented by Thomas Edison was the only available bulb at the end of the 20 th century, when the compact fluorescent bulb--CFLs --Introduced.Homeowners today have the choice of LEDs-LED --bulbs.They have advantages over other types, but they also have some disadvantages.When selecting a bulb, consider factors related to the quality and intensity of the light, health and economics.LED is not a light bulb--It is an electronic circuit element called a diode whose purpose is to convert alternating current to direct current.All diodes will emit some type of light, but the semiconductor material in the LED will emit visible light.The first LEDs emit red light, but engineers have found a way to make versions that emit green, yellow, or even blue light.White-light-LEDs are rare, and most LED bulbs made up of a single LEDs have fluorescent coatings that emit white light when excited by light from the LED cluster.LED bulbs sometimes contain complex solidsState Circuit.CFLs generates light by the excitation of the gas forming the bulb inside the curved tube, which is more effective than producing light by heating the filament-The process that occurs inside an incandescent lamp.In contrast, the LED has higher luminous efficiency.In order to produce 800 lumens of light, the incandescent lamp consumes 60 watts, the CFl 13 to 15 watts, and the LED consumes only 6 to 8 watts.In addition, the led produces little heat and lasts 6 times longer than the CFLs and more than 30 times longer than the incandescent lamp.However, the initial cost of the LED may be 5 times higher or more than the CFL.One of the disadvantages of LED clusters is that they are directional.This makes them ideal for spotlights, but not for ambient lighting.Their directionality is not so obvious in the fluorescent body.Because the whole shell shines, but most of the light still appears from the top of the bulb.The quality of the light emitted by the LED depends on the circuit of the bulb, and there is a big difference between the bulbs.Best bulb including highPower supply circuit, productionComparable to the spectral white light produced by halogen lamps--high-Temperature incandescent lamp.Lower-The quality of the Led can be relatively dim.The Occupational Safety and Health Authority has identified fluorescent bulb flickering as a health hazard, but since LEDs are converted alternately to DC, they never flash.In addition, led does not contain mercury-A component of the CFL bulb--Can be discarded safely.The third advantage of Led relative to CFLs is that the former does not emit UV rays and you can put one on the table next to you without worrying about absorbing radiation.The LED hardly produces heat compared to incandescent lamps, and the unattended LED hardly causes a fire.
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