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by:Leimove     2020-01-15
Nowadays, a healthier lifestyle has become popular.Special diet and food, exercise, cleaning-Many of us have tried one way or another to detoxify and increase our health and happiness.When we "detox" our bodies, we clear unhealthy inputs and provide healthy food and nutrients to our system to fix any damage.
The same principles apply to other areas of our lives, such as our families and even our working environment.The theory is the same: remove or reduce unhealthy aspects and increase what maintains us.Let's explore what it will look like in our workplace.
..Look around and see what you see every day at work.What has drained or stimulated you?What are you putting up?Maybe your desk is uncomfortable, the lights are not good for work, the color on the wall makes you want to vomit, the pipes also bother you, or your desk is completely cluttered.These are all things that need to be cleared or minimized.
Take five minutes and write down all the things you don't feel that will inspire your motivation and energy.Choose three things you can do and promise to solve them in the next three days.For example, hang up a poster or painting to cover up that wall (or paint it if your workplace allows) and get a desk lamp on your way home from work, let the noise canceling headphones flood the Ping Ing pipe and rearrange your table so it can work for you or arrange for hours to clean up the mess.
Now that you have removed some "toxins", it is time to strengthen the environment around you.Generally speaking, under what circumstances do you think is the most creative?Most organized?The most "in the process?"Do you know what can help you improve your energy and attention, or help you relieve stress?Maybe the music is for you or silence.Maybe the sound of water, soft green, or plants nearby.
Take another five minutes and write down at least five ideas of what you can add to your surroundings, which will improve your productivity and enjoyment of the environment.Promise to implement at least three of these ideas next week.People who interact with us every day can also have a significant impact on our work fun, our ability to stay healthy and positive, and our effectiveness.
So it's time to evaluate the intensity and nature of our professional relationships and communications.We need to understand which relationships are healthy and strong, which ones need to be strengthened, and which ones are harmful to our health --being.Write down the names of everyone you often touch.
Create four columns next to the name: in the first column, evaluate the strength of your relationship with that person in a ratio of 1 to 10, of which 1 is terrible and 10 is wonderful.In the second column, evaluate how you feel (or feel about yourself) when you are with that person ).Third, pay attention to whether this person is positive or negative in their communication, 1 of which is very negative, pessimistic, bad talk about people or companies, etc.
10 is very positive, optimistic and supportive.Finally, assess how important this relationship is to your success and happiness.This is your detoxification challenge: Choose a relationship that is important to your success but needs improvement.
List five things you can do to fix or improve your contact with that person.Choose a relationship that is unhealthy and unimportant to you and promise to spend as little time and effort as possible on that person.Choose to maintain your two relationships, give you positive energy and make you feel good.
List five things you can do, spend more time with these people, deepen your relationship with them, or find more like them in your officeNow let's talk about how you do things.Is there a place in your work where you keep turning wheels or reinventing them?For example, when you sort out the monthly report, do you say to yourself every time, "Why does it take me so much time ?"?\ "Is there a process in which you want to hit your head against the wall?What does this have to do with how you feel about this task or responsibility?Find something that can be done better, more effective, faster, or less stressful.Ask yourself what you need to do or have in order for it to work.
Then put it in place or ask what you need.Simplifying your workflow will be another way to increase your energy and motivation and make you more productive.Of course, it is important to realize that there are things we can control, and that there are things we can't control.
Change what you can change, minimize the negative effects that you can't change, and focus on providing yourself with the healthiest workplace possible.Don't think you can't do anything;Ask for it, or be creative about how to change it better.We can make a commitment to ourselves, just as our own bodies are extremely sick.
The good news is that even if we can't leave the body with too many toxins, we can leave a dangerous and toxic working environment.If a place is too toxic, sometimes we should leave these environments before they start to have a negative impact on health.You are on your way to ruin your working environment!Are you feeling better?Please contact me if you would like to help decide what needs to go, what can be adjusted to work status and can maintain a healthy working environment.
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