led desk lamp increase productivity and save costs with poultry-farming lamp

by:Leimove     2020-02-25
The poultry industry spends a lot of money on electricity bills every year.Lamps made with old technology can easily and rightfully be blamed for the huge electricity bill that poultry farming agencies are forced to pay.While it is unthinkable for any poultry farmer to completely avoid using the lights, reducing the excessive cost of using and maintaining the lights is certainly conceivable today.The simple transformation of lighting equipment can increase the productivity of the farm while reducing the cost.Today, this magical solution can be imagined in the form of LED poultry --farming lamp.Reduce your electricity bill, generally including 7%-15% of the total overhead of any poultry business.Several reliable industry studies have proved that LED poultryAgricultural lamps can save at least 20% of the total energy cost compared to CFL or incandescent lamps.Although LED poultryAgricultural fixtures can cost more during the initial purchase period, so saving electricity and rebates means they save more money for the industry in the first year compared to other bulbs.The average service life of this lamp is also long, 4000 hours, which requires nominal maintenance and saves the cost of replacement.Even today, the poultry industry uses lights that are compatible with the human eye only.However, scientists have determined that poultry eyes are more sensitive to certain wavelengths and light colors than ordinary eyes.It is observed that chickens are more efficient and less stressful for lamps that mimic natural sunlight and Moonlight wavelengths, and they are also the basis for biological cycling.Modern LED poultryThe breeding lamp was built to simulate the natural wavelength, so the average reproductive cycle time of the chicken can be reduced and the overall productivity of the chicken farm can be improved.Modern lamps compatible with the existing environment of ordinary poultry farmers prefer to use dimmers on lamps so that they can control the lighting environment according to their own preferences.Modern LED poultryAgricultural lights are easily compatible with most dimmers and do not require significant changes to the system during installation.More than 15 varieties of poultryAgricultural lights for any line and switching system can be easily installed.Unlike other fixtures, modern LED poultryAgricultural lamps are also compatible with roofsThe installation of solar panels gives owners the opportunity to save huge power costs.Getting the best lighting for your poultry business is one of the latest developments in the field of lighting.LED poultry in particular-Considering the best interests of poultry breeding institutions, agricultural lights have been in use.After years of trials, many poultry farmers have benefited from new developments.So get the best lighting from your poultry agency by using the best lighting on the market.
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