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by:Leimove     2020-01-13
The dimmer switch controls your lights better than the flip switch.They can also save energy and extend the life of the bulbs.The dimmer switch is only for incandescent lamps.Don't use them on ceiling fans, appliances, or fluorescent lamps, as you will destroy the dimmer and anything it connects.The dimmer switch can be replaced by any onepole or three-way switches.Follow the steps below to learn how to replace both types.
Power off the lamp circuit.Remove the cover plate from the light switch and then remove the light switch from the electric box.
Replace single-With single rod switchpole dimmer.Loosen the two terminal screws on the switch and remove the connected wires.Splice the same two wires from the dimmer to the two wires.If both dimmer wires are black, it doesn't matter how to connect the wires.If one dimmer wire is black and the other is red, you should connect the black wire to the wire powered from the service panel and connect the red wire to the wire connected to the light fixture.If your dimmer has a bare or green ground wire, connect it to the bare ground wire from the service panel.Cover all joints with wire nuts, push the wire into the box and screw the dimmer onto the box.
Replace three-Three-way switch-way dimmer.The appearance of three people-Way switch (a switch with three screw terminals, excluding ground terminals) means there are three more-Switch on the same circuit.Replace only one of them, no matter which one.Do not install multiple dimmers on the same circuit.
Remove Three-Switch from the electrical box and remove the wire from the terminal.Connect these wires to the same position on the dimmer switch, put the wires back into the electric box and screw the dimmer to the electric box.
Don't change a four-Road switch with dimmer.You can recognize a four.Switch through two screw terminals on both sides.If you happen to have this type of switch, that means you also have at least two switches that control the same light or light.The two switches at both ends of the circuit are three-way switches.Replace one of the switches with a dimmer.
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