led fixture replacement How to Hard-Wire to Install Under-Cabinet LED Lights

by:Leimove     2020-03-22
led fixture replacement How to Hard-Wire to Install Under-Cabinet LED Lights
You can install it belowCabinet fixtures inserted into the socket, but it can be difficult and ugly to hide the wires.Hard-The wiring below for youCabinet lights need to be connected to the circuit.Instead of installing a separate circuit, use the countertop socket in the kitchen to access the socket circuit.Under-Cabinet LED lights can not only illuminate your working surface, but also last for 20 years.LED light fixtures can reduce energy costs and do not need to be replaced.Turn off the kitchen circuit that supplies power to the outlet above the countertop.Plug the socket tester into the socket.When you turn off the correct circuit breaker, the three lights on the tester will not light up.Remove the screw that holds the outlet cover to the outlet to be used as a power supply.Remove the screws that secure the socket on the junction box.Pull the socket out of the box.Please note the location of the black, white and bare copper wire on the socket.Loosen the screws on the socket, pull the wires from below and release the socket from the junction box on the wall.Check out the round knockout or round knockout at the top of the junction box.If applicable, place the tip of the screwdriver at the center of the indention.Hit the end of the screwdriver with a mallet, pass it through the top of the box and remove the metal plate to create a knockout.Install a 1/2-Inch shovel bit at the end of cordless electric drill.Create a hole through the lower lip of the cabinet and the wall directly above the junction box.Pass a hard wire through the knockout match in the junction box.Use a flashlight to observe the wires that go through the holes.Grab a stiff wire with a pair of small needlesnose pliers.Drill the wire through the wall.Bend the end of the hard line into a small hook.Bend the end of a non-metallic (NM) cable with a length of 12/2 around the hook.Fix the cable on a hard wire using adhesive tape.Pull out the stiff wires from the junction box.This pulls the junction box 12/2 NM from the wall.Slide the nylon NM cable lock connector over the end of the cable that extends out from the junction box.Slide the connector up about 8 inch along the cable.Card the cable lock connector into the knockout in the junction box.Remove an external NM sheath of 6 inch with a pair of NM cables and stripping to expose the cable wires.Remove 1/2 of the wire insulation from the exposed cable wire ends using a stripping device.Grab the end of the stripped wire with a needlenose pliers.Bend the small hook to the end of the wire.Hang the black cable wire around the copper terminal screw on the side of the original socket.Hook the white thread around the silver terminal screws in the socket.Hook the bare copper cable around the green screw of the socket.As mentioned earlier, wrap the original outlet wire around the original terminal screw.Tighten all outlet screws to secure the original wire and cable wire.Reinstall the socket in the junction box.Replace the seat cover.Remove the lampshade or lens cover from below the LEDCabinet fixtures.It may slip or you may need to remove one or two screws to release it from the fixture.Check if your fixture has a circular or rectangular plate covering the area on the back of the fixture.If applicable to expose the wire to a small cavity, remove the screws that hold the plate to the back of the fixture.If you have a circular depression on the back of your fixture, look for one or two screws to fix the fixture cover on the frame below the LEDcabinet light.Remove the screws, loosen the lid and expose the wires.If applicable, knock off the round indention with a screwdriver and hammer, just like with a junction box.Lock the nut from 1/2-inch two-Screw NM cable clamp.Insert the cable clip thread into the outside of the knockout match you created.Twist the lock nut back to the cable clamp and fix it on the fixture.Place the LED light fixture below the cabinet in front of the bare cable and drill holes.Use the mounting screws attached to the LED light fixture to install the light below the cabinet.Pass the NM cable through the opening (if applicable) in the previously removed rectangular plate, or through two-Screw NM cable clamp.Peel off the ends of the NM cable using the NM cable and the stripping cable.Combine three wires together: two black, two white and bare copper and green.Twist the Orange wire connector to each set of wires.Push the wire into the cavity along the back of the fixture and, if applicable, replace the rectangular plate.If you install two-Tighten the NM cable clamp, tighten the two screws and replace the cover to the fixture.Replace the lampshade or lens cover to the fixture.Fix the cable to the lower side of the Cabinet using the NM cable nail.Open the kitchen outlet circuit breaker.
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