led gu10 choosing a colour temperature for your led gu10

by:Leimove     2020-02-23
The LED GU10 bulb is standard with two color temperatures;Warm white and cool white.Understanding the differences between these two rays and their applicability to certain applications is an important part of the purchase process and will ensure full satisfaction.What is the color temperature?Not surprisingly, there are many different "types" of light in terms of artificial lighting.Many people remember that when the compact fluorescent lamp (CFLs) was first introduced into the home, there was a lot of complaints that the lamp seemed to be "much colder" than the traditional halogen lamp.This is because they have different color temperatures.Color temperature is one of the main features of visible light, which determines the temperature or cold degree of light.All color temperatures are assigned a number called Kelvin ratings.The colors with lower Kelvin ratings are usually warmer and the colors with higher Kelvin ratings are cooler.The warm color is very soft and the color is slightly yellow, which is a perfect copy of the traditional halogen lamp, but not perfect.The cold tone is very bright with a faint blue color, sometimes compared to the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp.Which place works well?While color temperature is a subjective thing to a large extent, many customers have personal preferences that need to be met, there are "rules of thumb" that can help you make decisions.Because of its softness, warm white is usually more suitable for creating ambient/general light schemes.It is also good at promoting a relaxed and comfortable environment, so it should also be used in "habitat" or "living" spaces.Rooms include a living room, bedroom, hallway or dining room.In public places, such as offices and shopping malls, people use cool white more often.It has a tendency to be too bright for general lighting, resulting in room aesthetics being too clinical for some.However, it is not uncommon to find this type of light in the kitchen and bathroom, as it works well with the reflective and Pearl surfaces.Functional and mission lighting also benefits more from a brighter cool white, especially since it helps to increase alertness.If you have a home office, you can consider using it there to help you focus.Combining the temperatures of both colors can sometimes produce very spectacular results.You will find this, especially in the lighting scheme of "layered" or "dual use.In art galleries, for example, warm white will be used to create a soft background atmosphere, while cold white LED GU10 spotlights can be used to highlight artwork.
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