led light box DIY Portable Light

by:Leimove     2020-03-16
When camping or hiking, when the flashlight is broken, the battery is running out or you are out more than expected, a lightweight emergency light should be in the bag of each outdoor person.A simple portable emergency lamp can be made into a lighthouse or lantern with other materials in your bag.Description difficulty: the wire of the LED lamp is slightly easy to bend.The LED Light has two wires running from the bulb.One is a little longer than the other.Bend them and stay away from each other so you can connect the lights with a chain.It also prevents wire crossing.Twist the wire of one lamp to the other.Connect the short wires of one lamp to the long wires of the other lamp.Continue until you form a chain that is still loose at the end.These will be connected to the battery.Tape the connecting tape between the lamp and the lamp to keep them intact.Keep the Lights, as well as the battery and a small volume-Use a self-sealing bag before you need tape during your camping trip.Rolling tape will keep the glue fresh and sticky when needed.It's not necessarily a whole tape.Just roll up enough packaged batteries when needed.Connect both ends of the light chain to the battery and tape them in place.You may need to bend the wires a little and leave them flat on the battery.Put a wire on each side of the button battery.Test whether the wires are placed correctly.They will only work in one way.Slide the lit light into a plastic mist translucent water bottle.The bottle usually has a ring at the end that holds the cap in place.It will give you a handle.The light in the bottle will send out a light that you can use to send out a distress signal.A clear bottle can be used as a lantern, but it can produce more concentrated light in the bulb area, meaning it will not shine.The article by Tara DooleyTara Dooley has been written for various websites since 2008.She worked as an accountant.Serve as school director and retail manager in different locations.Dooley has a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance.
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