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by:Leimove     1901-12-14

LED Christmas lights last longer than regular lights, offering more color options but sometimes go out.If you find a burning lamp, you do not have to replace the whole chain.There is an easy way to fix your LED Christmas lights and save money.Plug in the LED Christmas string to see which lights need to be replaced.Put small labels on the affected bulbs to make it easier to find them.Unplug the string.Choose which LED you need.There are usually two different types of LED bulbs for Christmas lights that work at different voltage levels.Use a light in blue, green or transparent.2 volts, 3 volts for other colors.0 volts.If the voltage does not match, it changes the color of the entire string of lights.Use the second string light as a replacement bulb.The easiest and most economical way to fix the LED Christmas lights is to provide another chain that you won't use.You can harvest light bulbs from this line for the food you burnout lights.Remove the affected bulb.Go back to the original string of lights and find out which lights were burned.Carefully remove the light bulb from the socket and be careful not to break the socket when you do so.The plastic socket may become brittle, so be careful.Replace the LED bulb.Once the old bulb goes out, please be careful to put the replacement bulb into the socket and connect it.Again, use extra care so you don't crack or damage the socket.Complete the replacement bulb and test work.After replacing all the lights, reinsert the rope to make sure you get all the lights.Your LED Christmas lights will now run perfectly again.                                

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