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by:Leimove     2020-01-14
Under normal circumstancesThe operation of dimming, when the power enters the light bulb through the connected power cord, the light bulb will light up.When the electricity passes through the filament of the bulb, it is highThe thin wire of resistance hinders the flow of electrons in the circuit.As more and more electricity tries to flow, but cannot pass through due to resistance, the filaments begin to produce a lot of light and heat.While this operation is the same in alternating current (such as circuits in home or office wiring) and in direct current circuits (such as those in ordinary flashlights), touch dimmers typically act on alternating properties of household wires, to reduce the current connected to the bulb.
As mentioned above, under normal operation, the current flows through the filament of the bulb from the outlet of the wall to produce light and heat.In an AC circuit, the current changes or alternately from positive voltage to negative voltage.The electrician will follow this back and forth flow of the standard cycle called the current "duty cycle ".When the user activates the electronic version of the dimmer switch, thyristor, electrical resistor, interrupt part of the electrical duty cycle.This interruption prevents a portion of the voltage from reaching the bulb, and a reduced voltage through the filament causes it to emit a darker light than when it receives the full voltage.Most touch dimmers have varying degrees of dimming capability, and higher dimmer settings interrupt a wider range of current duty cycles.Although the user activates the thyristor in the mechanical dimmer switch by physically moving the switch, there is no such switch in the touch dimmer device that requires some special consideration.
Since the touch dimmer relies on a series of human touches rather than physical switch positions for dim lighting, these devices must use special components to replace all the functions of the physical switch.According to the electrical agency ePanorama, the touch dimmer uses a special touchDepending on the application of the dimmer, the sensitive metal plate can receive the current in the human touch at a frequency of 50 or 60Hz.In addition to the special touch pad, the touch dimmer also uses a timing mechanism to measure the time between touches;This mechanism prevents the device from interpreting two very quick touches as two separate commands and enabling the special "long touch" feature.The touch dimmer switch also includes a special storage circuit that stores the current dimmer level of the light, because no physical switch eliminates the ability of the device to mechanically adjust the light intensity.Finally, the touch dimmer must include a special circuit that converts the human touch input into the pulse needed to trigger the dimmer thyristor.
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