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by:Leimove     2020-01-28

No matter who is not carried away by the dark mystery of the black bulb and the fluorescent black light, they are certainly not sensitive to the temptation of darkness and mystery.For those of us who don't mind giving in to their dark side (pun!), Here are all the information you may want to know about black lights and related devices.itself.The Black Light is nothing more than the ultraviolet light emitted by a lamp, which emits radiation.The range of this radiation tends to hover between the wavelength of visible light and the X-Ray, the wavelength of this light is shorter than visible light and longer than X-rayRay.Therefore, the human eye can only partially see the black light.The range or spectrum of black light is close to ultraviolet radiation, and the resulting light is between the black purple and dark purple of the human eye.Fluorescent black bulbs emit a dark purple glow that has many uses, from pure aesthetic effects to various investigative and certification purposes.The dark shell of this type of bulb is coated with nickel oxide.The interior of these bulbs contains a phosphorus element.The dark shell known as Wood Glass is an excellent barrier to visible light and light emission of similar wavelengths.The fluorescent element coating covering the black bulb glass absorbs UV and UV radiation, allowing only UVA radiation to pass through.Similar to ordinary incandescent lamps and bulbs, there is a filter in the bulb that is used to emit black light, and when the filament is heated, it absorbs the emitted lighting.Therefore, the emitted ultraviolet rays react with the luminous layer, which glows when the ultraviolet rays are irradiated on the surface of the luminous coating.The outer surface of the glass body of these bulbs is treated with certain substances that filter ultraviolet rays.The light emitted by these bulbs is received by the low light receptors present in human eyes, which are very sensitive to the wavelength closest to ultraviolet rays.Five main types of black light sources can be seen around us.The black light of these five types is :-In addition to the normal glass case of the bulb being replaced by a deep indigo-tone glass case, it works the same way as the bulb.As can be seen in many restaurants, kitchens and restaurants, they are used to attract insects and bugs and to make electric shocks to them.They use ordinary glass envelopes instead of wood glass.Use LEDs to emit ultraviolet light.Poster and dance floor effect.No phosphorus is used, and the lighting they emit is the result of a slight expansion of the Mercury spectral line due to an energy discharge between five and ten atmospheric pressures.In addition to another aesthetic appeal used to create and enhance certain atmospheres, this bulb also has some important uses.Although the human eye is not sensitive to ultraviolet rays, certain items emit fluorescence when exposed to black light.For example, a security strip on a banknote emits phosphorus under black light.This helps to authenticate banknotes and is the most reliable way to distinguish between real and counterfeit coins.In addition, the invisible ink usually used to mark antiques, paintings and confidential documents can only be seen and read if such a surface marked with it is placed under black light.Use invisible tags?Retrieve this information using a black light!This is a brief overview of what black bulbs and bulbs are, how they work and how they are used.Another interesting use of the black light is to read the fluorescent markers printed on the fists or arms of guests with various theme parks or entertainment activities lasting a long time.This is done so that guests can leave the venue temporarily and return after a period of time without having to pay the entrance fee again.Previously, it was shown by fluorescent markers that were illuminated by black light on him/her.It's just as hot these days!
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