led light bulbs and fixtures Information About Incandescent Light Bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-01-28

Incandescent lamps are one of the major inventions that have revolutionized human life and make way for further development and technological development.They have been in use for decades, and now, with the huge task of saving energy bothering us, this traditional bulb faces the threat of being banned.In fact, before the two pioneers of bulb research and invention, Joseph Wilson Swan and Thomas Edison, there were many other scientists working to improve the design and construction of the bulb.However, since Edison's invention is the most advanced, energy-efficient and cost-effective invention, his patented bulb has become very popular.Moreover, there have been many cases about the patent of the bulb, and many people think that there is no fixed answer to who invented the bulb.However, it is also believed that inventor Thomas Edison, who is said to have come up with the most economical model and first obtained a patent.The commercialisation of bulbs was amazing in the last century, probably because the need for light is a basic need in everyday life.Incandescent lamps are widely used in home lighting, and without these bulbs it is difficult to imagine where there will be.In short, incandescent lamps are glass bulbs that glow after heating.They are also called filament bulbs because they contain filaments that will glow after heating to a very high temperature.They are made up of a glass case containing tungsten wire as a metal filament.The glass holder supporting the filament is attached to the bottom of the bulb, which consists of insulation, cover and electrical contact points.The wire heats the filament to 2,000 k to 3,000 k.When the filament is heated, it emits a visible spectrum.However, energy is also emitted in the form of heat.The reason why tungsten wire is selected as metal filament is that it has a very high melting point.For two main reasons, the bulb is covered with a glass case.The glass case protects people and things from the heat of the filament.Also, at such a high temperature, if the filament is left in the open air, it will be oxidized when it comes in contact with oxygen.This is why the glass case is filled with inert gas (mainly ar) to improve safety.In the past few years, the growth of incandescent lamps has been driven by low operating costs and simple construction.However, due to their high energy usage, they face severe bans from several governments.In the last five to six years, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), LED lights and other similar bulbs have become very popular.The United States has announced the law on incandescent lamps, which will be replaced by other energy sources by 2014.Efficient sources.On the other hand, these traditional bulbs are easy to manufacture, with low operating costs and free of Mercury.Fls contain mercury (which makes it a hazardous waste), which is the main reason for strong resistance to these prohibition policies.Nevertheless, it seems that almost all countries pay more attention to the use of fluorescent lamps.More research and learning is needed to understand the best options.S. Environmental Protection Agency has launched a website called Earth911, where consumers can look for information about recycling certain materials based on their ZIP codes and locations.Surprisingly, however, incandescent lamps are not on the list.This is because it is useless for incandescent lamps to break down or burn out.Cannot be recycled or reused.Therefore, reducing consumption is the only way out.This can be done by making sure you turn off the lights when you leave the room and only use the bulbs if necessary.In addition, replacing these bulbs with CFLs with a life of 10 years has become a popular trend.Incandescent lamp is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and it will definitely be phased out in the next few years.The phasing out of this light bulb is also an example of the fact that as the times change, society must change the way of life and adopt the basic principles of green life.This is the mantra of survival, I think.Edison did not like to ban his invention, but the world is changing, the demand is changing, and we must adopt a new way of survival.
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