led light bulbs and fixtures Quick Facts about Halogen Light Bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-01-27

Like wheels, light bulbs are considered the most revolutionary invention of human beings.In this article, let's learn more about the facts of some halogen lamp bulbs.Ordinary 60-watt incandescent lamps can be purchased from any retail store in your area.For decades, it has been the most popular, economical and basic light source in the world.However, in the past few decades (1990-2010), halogen lamps and bulbs are becoming more and more popular, bringing fierce competition to traditional bulbs.Halogen lamps are not completely different from other types of bulbs, but they are the ultimate version of traditional bulbs and the advanced version of technology.Generally speaking, the operating principle of halogen lamps is almost similar to that of our traditional electric bulbs, which is a little-known fact.The main difference between these two common light sources is that halogen gas is used inside the halogen lamp bulb.In our traditional light bulbs, inert gases such as ar are used, sometimes even nitrogen.The halogen gas found in the 17 groups of the periodic table is five non-Metal elements including iodine, atine (liquid), Bromo (liquid), fluorine (gas), chlorine (gas.Inert gases, such as ar, ne, xenon, krypton, and halogen gases, are used in lightning systems due to some of the special properties they exhibit.In some high-performance bulbs, inert gas and halogen gas are mixed to improve efficiency.As mentioned above, halogen lamps work in a similar way to our normal bulbs, the only exception is the process inside the bulbs when they glow.In a typical light bulb, the internal filament (made of tungsten) is heated to about 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit (2,500 degrees Fahrenheit) when the power is turned on ).At such a high temperature, the tungsten wire will glow and heat.Tungsten turns white after being heated to such a high temperature and glows in the visible spectrum.Now, some of the potential disadvantages of traditional bulbs are as follows.In the case of halogen lamps, tungsten wires that slowly evaporate after heating to such a high temperature will not be deposited directly into quartz envelopes (in halogen lamps, quartz sleeves are generally used and glass is not used ).This is because these bulbs contain halogen gases with unique properties.The halogen gas in the package is combined with the evaporated tungsten vapor and re-deposited on the tungsten wire.This increases the life of the bulb because it will not break easily even if it is used for a long time.One of the most interesting facts about halogen lamps is the cycle process of halogen lamps.The presence of halogen gas contributes to a reversible chemical reaction with tungsten continuously evaporated from the filament.The recycling process of halogen gas re-deposition creates a more efficient halogen lamp.One of the facts about halogen lamp bulbs of great significance in manufacturing is related to the safety of these bulbs.Due to the small package or envelope of these bulbs and the closer the filament to the envelope, these bulbs are heated to a very high temperature.Touching halogen lamps made of quartz with bare hands can cause burns.It is said that if the quartz envelopes are contaminated by contact with oil, they will weaken and break due to the explosion of these bulbs.This is why manufacturers do not encourage the use of bare hands to touch halogen lamps.In addition, in places such as theaters and public places, fire or accident is caused due to the possibility of an explosion bulb accident, so strict safety standards are followed.The UV light emitted by halogen lamp bulbs is also high, so it is recommended to package it in a good case that the manufacturer ensures.Traditional light bulbs can be used for a few months, while halogen lamps are generally used for a year or two.Halogen lamp bulbs provide clearer light and are considered to be more efficient, making them a better choice for flash power.When we use these bulbs, our experience may be different because in the end, even the brand of bulbs we use is important.If you buy a local bulb brand, whether it's a regular bulb or a halogen lamp, they may have a much smaller life span.
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