led light bulbs and fixtures Types of Light Bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-01-28

What is mentioned in this article is various types of bulbs, how they work, and what they are.Continue to read and enrich your knowledge...Lighting plays an important role in home lighting projects, and most homeowners tend to consider the size and brightness of the light.However, there are many kinds of bulbs, which have special performance such as energy saving, low cost and long life.These are the most commonly used bulb types.Incandescent lamps work by heating the tungsten wire in the bulb until the bulb shines.They provide stable, warm light and are good for most home applications.A standard bulb can last 1,000 hours.These are a variant of incandescent lamps in which light is generated by tungsten wire through current and tungsten wire is encapsulated in a tube containing halogen gas.The gas causes a chemical reaction, removes tungsten from the wall and deposits it back on the filament, thus increasing the life of the bulb.These are smaller in size and can be darkened, but they are more expensive and burn at higher temperatures.They provide brighter, whiter light compared to incandescent lamps.Ceiling and wall fixtures can be used.You can create embedded lighting using many bulb types.Bulbs that can be used for embedded lighting include incandescent lamps, R bulbs, halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps.Embedded Lighting provides clean streamer in the home, so it is often used for ceiling loft lights.The working principle of these bulbs is to charge electricity through a tube filled with hydrogen and mercury, which produces ultraviolet rays, thus bombing a phosphorus coating that can shine.They have a wide variety of colored bulbs that work well for bathroom and kitchen lighting.The compact fluorescent lamp, also known as the CFLs, is a modern bulb, just like a fluorescent bulb, but in a much more compact size.It can be short glass rods or tubular rings.It has various types of bulb sockets.It fits.screw and snap-Type of bulb base.They are more energy efficient and can last 10,000 hours.There are no filaments in the LEDs bulb, but they glow when the current passes through them.Because of their low energy consumption, they have a long life span.LED lights are used in many applications and compete with traditional lighting bulbs.These are high-intensity discharge lights.The bulb in the HID category is Mercury Steam, sinceMercury-pressed, high-pressure sodium and metal halogen lamps.These bulbs glow by making an arc on the tungsten electrode, which is located in a special glass tube filled with gas and metal, which helps to start the lamp.These bulb types are used only when energy efficiency or long life is required, so they are used in many public rooms.These lamps have the highest efficacy in all commercial lamps.However, they emit yellow light.They work like fluorescent bulbs and have a small warm-up until the bulbs are fully lit.They are usually used for outdoor lighting of roads, parking lots or road lighting.While looking at your hardware store, read the label on the bulb box carefully to see its life, its power, and choose the right bulb type according to the purpose of the bulb.
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