led light bulbs and fixtures What are Full Spectrum Light Bulbs?

by:Leimove     2020-01-29

Full spectrum lighting is less stressful for your health than other artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lamps.Light, especially natural sunshine, plays a very important role in our life.Exposure to the sun can affect the mound, which is probably the most important part of the brain.It controls and supervises the nervous and endocrine systems, and most of the other functions of our body.Sunlight activates the pineal gland and affects the balance of melatonin and 5-amine hormones in our body.With the decrease of light exposure, the production of melatonin will increase and lead to fatigue;With the increase of light exposure, the production of serum amine will increase and enhance your mood and make your spirit more alert.Our biological clock instinctively aligns with the course of the day of the sun.We get up in the morning and sleep after the light is gone.Any change in this rhythm will undermine our balance, as people with jet lag or those who suddenly change their work schedule from day shift to night shift will prove this.Moderate exposure to the sun can reduce the risk of disease and promote overall healthGood health.Lack of sufficient sunlight can lead to various diseases such as depression and seasonal emotional disorder.The disease is now more prevalent than ever, as more and more people now spend a considerable portion of their time in inadequate time --Bright houses and office buildings.If you spend more time indoors than outdoors, be sure to consider using full spectrum lighting and fixtures for better health benefits.What is full spectrum lighting?Full spectrum lighting is an optical balanced artificial lighting, repeated with the clarity and color intensity of the sun at noon.This is a clear and bright white light with 90-100 CRI (color rendering index) and 5000-Kelvin temperature 5500.It includes all the light from UV (UV) to VIBGYOR (purple, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) to IR (IR.A fully spectral earth-emitting material used to make these bulbs.Bulbs that do not meet these specifications should be avoided.Why are you going to full spectrum lighting?Full spectrum lights are less stressful for your health compared to other artificial lights.Because they replicate natural sunlight, they reduce your stress by lowering levels of melatonin and cortical hormones in your body.Your eye fatigue, headache and general fatigue will decrease.They help improve the immune system, reduce blood pressure problems and reduce insomnia.These lights are used as an effective light therapy for the treatment of depression with seasonal depression or a pattern of depression that is traditionally known as "Winter Blues" per year.Installation of full spectrum bulbs in the office has proven to have a beneficial impact on physical and mental healthAs an office staff member, reduce work stress and irritability, increase energy and concentration, and optimize performance and energy levels.In addition to this, there are many other positive properties of the full spectrum bulb.They are very durable and can last for 10,000 hours or more than 417 days.They may be a bit expensive to buy, but the extra cost is balanced with the fact that they have a longer life expectancy and the amount of energy they consume is much less than a normal bulb (which is good news for your electricity bill level ), and environmental protection.
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