led light bulbs and fixtures Who Invented the Light Bulb?

by:Leimove     2020-01-29

If you want to know who is the first person to invent a light bulb and when, this article will reveal the inside story.Read on to learn about the invention.When the discussion about the invention of the bulb appeared, most people attributed it to Thomas Edison.However, contrary to what is generally believed to be incorrect.He is not the only inventor of the bulb, but he has improved the technology to the greatest extent.The story of this invention is very long.In my research, I found more than one score inventor who contributed to its development.The story of the invention is the evolution of an idea that has evolved into what it is today.In addition to Thomas Edison, 23 famous inventors contributed.In 1802, Sir Humphrey David, who was also the inventor of the arc lamp, invented the first incandescent lamp, through the conduction of current, through platinum bars.This is achieved by a powerful power battery created by David.Due to the high melting point of platinum, it is the selected element.However, creation is not very bright and does not last for a long time.Although David has not succeeded in making a bulb that can continue to shine, his invention is an inspiration for future inventors.The principle behind Davy's invention is that any object emits radiation when heated, and some elements (especially metals) emit visible light when heated.This phenomenon is called incandescent lamp, and the lighting equipment based on this principle is "incandescent lamp ".It is not clear who used the filament for the first time.Many inventors use platinum and carbon.After Davy, many tried to replicate and improve the idea by using Iridium gold and platinum wire in the evacuated housing, which prevented oxidation of the metal.In 1840, Warren Dela Street built an incandescent lamp using platinum wire and closed it in an evacuation light bulb.The cost of platinum makes it an impractical business application.Finally, Edison arrived at the scene in 1878 and developed his own version of incandescent lamps with carbon bamboo silk.The man who investigated the history of the invention found that the Edison version of incandescent lamps was the best compared to all his predecessors.The factor that distinguishes it from other versions of previous inventions is the choice of an effective incandescent material that is much lowerPressure vacuum and lamp with high resistance power.In addition, Edison not only invented the light bulb, but also created the entire lighting system including the generator.k.Edison giant generator), power supply, feeder and power distribution system.After Edison, many people continue to improve the quality of incandescent lamps through innovation.Finally, they chose the tungsten wire, which emits light when heated in a bulb filled with rare gas.Many outstanding scientists and engineers have made incandescent lamps today.It is difficult for the first person who invented it to point out.The first one to think of the idea was Sir Humphrey David.Edison and Swan were the first companies to produce and promote commercial incandescent lamps.Many hands and heads are involved in each discovery and invention.Most of the time, the real credit of a person is only partial.
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