led light bulbs for sale cheap How I Reached 1,000,000 Views on HubPages

by:Leimove     2020-03-09

On July 17, 2017, I passed 1,000,000 views on hub pages.The champagne cordon didn't pop up and there was no fireworks, but I patted myself on the back with a smile as it was an important milestone for this selfRecognition of delayI know that for some of you writing on hub pages, they have passed this logo many times.I also know that there are other people who are looking at their stats and thinking and they will never reach 1,000,000 points.For those people, I will say, stick to it and continue to write.Today, I want to interview myself as a way to share my experience that leads to what I think I can never achieve.How long does it take to get millions of views?So, Mary, congratulate you on reaching 1,000,000 views on hub pages.Can you tell our readers how long it took you and how many centers you have?Thank you, yes, I have been writing on hub pages for 6 years and currently there are a total of 171 articles, although not all of them are featured and do not have any views.Everyone thinks you have to write a niche topic, which is what you do, and if so, what your niche is.I don't want to be shelved, but in a broad sense I would say I'm writing about business, agriculture and aging.I have tried other topics with mixed results and I continue to go back to these three areas.When you write a topic you are familiar with, it will be easier to write the article.I see you don't have a lot of followers on hub pages, does that make you not worry?Don't you think you will have more views if you have more followers?Everyone likes to be popular. just think about high school.It's comforting to have a lot of followers, but it doesn't matter.You often see a person who has more than 1,000 followers, but not all people will read their articles when they publish them.In order for people to follow you, you need to follow others and leave meaningful comments when they post something.While I often have some supporters, including Billybuc and MsDora, BraveWarrior and Nell, most of them come here occasionally.It's always good to get a comment, and I can honestly say that without their support, I 'd already throw in the towel.For me, one of the benefits of having followers is not so much the point they offer, but rather the gentle hands on my back that push me forward.I realize that for some, they feel that potential readers will see how many followers or comments an article has to verify the author's abilities and knowledge.I have some questions about the idea, though.I used to write Squidoo that is no longer there, where I see a lot of this abuse of comments and promotion.In fact, I think this is one of the reasons why the site failed.The site is filled with poor-quality ads that have been hyped up by others.The site tries to cheat search engines.Mary, are you saying you don't want followers?No, not at all, but it's not a sign of quality and it doesn't make sure people who follow you will read or comment on your article.Okay, so where should these points come from?The author should aim at organic transportation.This is just finding views through search engines.The establishment of organic traffic can take time, but if you update your page regularly, this can happen if you are writing about topics that people want to read.Before I paid for the first time, I spent a year killing time on hub pages.So you just write the content and wait for the search engine to find it?What about SEO, social media and backlinks?(Groan) SEO, I did think about it and try to make my title and subtitle search friendly.This is one area I have read a lot about trying to improve my article.Before writing, I will also consider the potential profitability of a topic.My best sites on social media are Pinterest and Flipboard.Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, I haven't succeeded yet, even though I know others have succeeded.Maybe I just don't have a topic to share with social media.Have you ever had an article that has been viral?(Smile) Yes, it took me hours to get an article on Flipboard.It was short-lived, and then the views went back to their previous double digits, but it was exciting.Although it happened only once in six years.What is Listicles?I see from your article that you like to use the list..Many people say this is a lazy way of writing, is there any idea about it?I have also heard such remarks, which are often called listicles.I like to do lists because I find it provides a good structure for an article, even a template.Also, people like these types of articles.Everyone is in a hurry and they want to scan an article, which is easy for the list.If the list is long then I split it into several bars highlighting what is in each.This gives readers a quick overview and they will continue to read if they like what they see.I did this in my article on small farm because it is long and over 4,000 words.The danger is that if you use this idea of a list, you don't want to produce what they call "cookie cutter pages.These articles are almost identical but have different titles.If the information you provide is worth the time your readers take and is well-formatted, then it will rise to the highest level.Do you have any suggestions for the reader about the subject matter of getting a point of view and how much you get paid for those topics?Because hub pages is an income-sharing company, we get paid for browsing our pages even if the ads are not clicked.The price we get depends on how much advertisers pay to get their ads to run on the site.This varies throughout the year, because sometimes there is less competition between advertisers, such as during school holidays, so advertisers pay less for these low times.We are not allowed to discuss what we do on hub pages, which is part of the terms and conditions on the site.Mary, you're not dealing with advertisers, you're just writing on the hub pages website.(Mary shook her head at the interviewer's naive attitude) we all wrote for advertisers.If the website does not have advertising revenue, there will be no website.Hub pages is a business that needs to generate revenue.OK, so how do people get opinions day after day on hub pages?If you want to get continuous traffic, write down the topics you search for throughout the year, which don't take time and are called evergreen themes.Another option is to view some topics at a specific time of year.Let me give you a few examples.If you're writing Halloween decorations on NovemberHowever, you may not get any comments in September, and you will shake the topic in October.You can balance this with topics specific to certain holidays, seasons.Gardening themes are good in spring and summer, but fall off when people enter the room.They say you need to think outside the box, but you also need to think outside your country and hemisphere.Remember, hub pages is a global site, so someone is picking strawberries when you shovel snow..I have a few articles to get a point of view on a global scale.I like to see my real time analytics info, especially at night, as I can see views from India, the Middle East, the Atlantic to the US.Many of my articles are related to agriculture and I am proud to know that someone on the other side of the world is reading my article.I recently had a gentleman from Nigeria contact me and I wrote an article about duckweed.He is raising catfish and wants to know if it is suitable for feeding his catfish.After doing some quick research on his catfish species, I told him that his fish can consume 20% of the plantsHe is advised to start growing duckweed to feed the fish.You might think, well, you didn't make any money from there.You're right, I didn't make any money other than the small amount of income he generated by clicking on my page and reading it.I have just checked my stats and this article has been read by people in the following countries.The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, India, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ghana, Germany, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and Uganda.I like this freely planted plant, which many people think is a weed, which may help small farmers like me make a living from the farm.The internet seems to be full of information, so how does a writer know which topics will make money that have never been written before?: If you are looking for a profitable topic, then you are in a good company because most people are doing it directly or indirectly.I suggest solving a problem for people.It's so simple.People have or think they have problems and look for solutions through the Internet.They either have too many things like pimples, weight or wheat seedlings in the garden.Or they have too little knowledge of things like money, love, or how to do something.If you can give them advice on how to reduce their problems or increase what they want in their lives, there is a good chance that your article will achieve some success.But....But you need to target your audience.My audience may not be like you, I am writing about small businesses and entrepreneurs, agriculture and things that affect my mature women.I wish I had more knowledge of the game, alas, my desire for the game ended when I couldn't get Laura Croft out of the cave.I hope I can stick to it because the knowledge of the game is huge.There are so many people who want to know a better way to do things related to the game.If you know something about mobile phones, apps, and gadgets, then it will be a huge but competitive market.However, as the model of the product changes, this group is not as evergreen as other themes.In your article, you want to provide information or products that meet their needs.The money you make from your article will be determined by its search engine ranking.The higher it is in the list, the more likely you will get a click-through rate.If a person reads the clip under the link in a Google search, likes it and clicks, you make money.That's why a good summary is the key to getting a click, and this is your snippet text.Also, if you sell the product through Amazon or affiliate links, you will also benefit from it.Keep in mind that your readers are looking for solutions to give them suggestions and/or recommended products that you will be happy.Everyone can't write articles about games or the latest electronic devices, they just don't have the experience or knowledge to do so.I have a suggestion. I want you to think about it.You don't have to be an expert, you just need to know it better than the person reading your article.Don't be afraid to study your topic, but the key is to start now and don't wait.Do your best to adjust your article in future updates.Also, you don't need to re-Invent the wheel, you just need it to get better.If you have read an article and think you can do it better then write an article.If you don't think you know anything, think about it.What do people come to ask you?Can you fix the car, hang the shelf, fix the cracked phone screen in less than two minutes?You have talents that others don't have.Maybe you have a trick to spread the situation, dry the seeds or organize the child at work.Ask yourself if what you know is useful to others.As an exercise, write down the questions people ask you during the week.Some of the most popular articles on the Internet are about simple everyday things like folding sheets that fit.As I said, you get a small amount every time someone clicks on your article.They will increase if you get a lot of clicks.Let me tell you a relative who has a gas station and a small shop inside.Can you guess what is the most profitable item they sell?They sell penny candy, small candy, for a penny.The point is that if you have enough articles, even if they are not articles that get thousands of views, they will increase over time.Like they said, the drops are filled with a bucket.\ 'I don't have any articles I call stars, they are just constantly being seen by people around the world.Find more tips on what a great hub is made up.While some people say 1300-word long articles are the best, I believe search engines like them for a longer period of time, about 1800-1900 words.OK, I think I get it, but can you give us some specific ways to find the topic for our article?.Finding topics that have not been discussed before seems daunting.Start with yourself.What's the problem with your recent search online?Usually, if you don't find the right answer, there may be gaps that need to be filled.Start by asking questions.What, how, why, where, and to some extent who.Here are some examples for you.What can I use instead of baking soda?What can I do to get better gas mileage?What is the example of a healthy lunch?How do I know if my dentist charges too much?How to replace the door seal of the refrigerator?How do I get my kids to go to bed early?Why does my tomato wither?Why is my car left?Why is the hip sore when I stand up?This is just the beginning, though, because you can use search engines to help you.To find what people want, use Google suggest or predictive text.This is Google's function to guess what you might search for based on what others search.If this feature is not already enabled on your device, go to Settings and then go to the privacy section.There you can open the forecast text.With this feature enabled, you will be able to use this feature to get ideas that people are currently searching.When you start typing, keep adding letters like in the example.I started typing "what do I do ?" This question.And the letter "mi" was added ".You can see that the results below are back.You can see that there are a lot of themes that start with "How do I", with only two letters.You can select any letter and it will throw a suggestion.Some ideas are interesting, some interesting and some worrying.Take a look at the other screenshots, first ask the right question, then the letter of your choice.When you are watching TV or online, pay attention to the ads that are being played.People spend a lot of money promoting themselves and their products online and offline.Why?Because there may be a market there.Target that market!Whether it's a hot, healthy dog snack or a luxury cruise ship, you can enter the market with your items.Soon, these ads may run on your hub page article.Now that you have millions of views, what's next?Are you going to sit still and take a break from writing?No, now my next target is 10 million views.It may take some time, though.I hope this article gives you some ideas to increase your views.The most important thing is to keep writing and take out your high quality articles.On this site, there are a number of writers who have published a lot of articles, and some have published some successful articles, so this is not a formula for all scenarios.As with anything, the more you write on hub pages, the more successful you will be and move on.Good luck writing.
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