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by:Leimove     2020-02-02
LED bulb applications for mains power are so simple and so numerous that they are slowly replacing all other forms of energy --savinglights.So what can we do with LED bulbs in the home? What are a few things that we have to pay attention to during the operation?The following article will list the most important features.There are many advantages to using LED bulbs, and while the price at the time of purchase is usually a small investment, mosthosehold is switching for this useful device.The most obvious advantage is that the energy consumption is very low, which is the most energy saving.Saves the form of lighting on the market.Another major advantage over other forms of energy isEnergy-saving bulbs are the long life of these bulbs.According to the manufacturer's commitment, the life of the led is expected to be at least 25000 hours.This is about three times the length of the CFL bulb.The color, beam angle and brightness range of Led lights are very wide, and its advantages enable us to use them in different fields, but there are also some things that are best avoided.So, what are the advantages of dos and don reports ts besides the regular advantages?LED bulbs can also be used for low voltage systems and power supplies.Since there are some different requirements for low voltage LED lights, here we will only discuss the main voltage LED as these bulbs are the most commonly used in the home.So, what are the obvious advantages of led for power supply?Since they come with regular accessories such as e27, E14, GU10 or B22, it is very easy for B15 to replace old bulbs with led.First, always turn off the light and then remove the old light bulbclockwise.Once you push the LED bulb to its position, turn it as clockwise as possible.LED lights are not sensitive to switches, so once placed you can turn them on and off as you like.In fact, technologies based on this fact darken them at high frequencies.The TheLED diodes are heat sensitive but not too sensitive to cold, so, for example, they can easily be turned on if you have light bulbs on the porch in your home.LED lights have a variety of IP levels (IP levels indicate the rate of protection against objects and water ).LED light with more than 54, also suitable for use in wet places.They can also get full brightness instantly, so you don't have to wait a few minutes to start working in the space they light up.For example, LED spotlights are ideal solutions for reading, on the one hand because their light is directional, so they also have a narrower beam angle, mainly because they are different from other types of energySave the lights without flashing at all.This also makes it the healthiest lighting solution on the market.There are a few things you need to pay attention to when using LED bulbs as power supplies.LEDs are very bright and direct light sources, so avoid looking directly at them when they are turned on.If your LED diodes are not found, touch them as little as possible, as the natural grease on the human skin will suck the dust on it and reduce the brightness.The best solution is to buy LED bulbs with glass covers to protect the diodes from dust.Pay attention to whether the bulb you bought is dimmable.Non-The dimming switch can damage the dimmable led, but the dimmable led bulb also has special requirements for the optical switch.Most dimmers use TRIAC dimmers (which are traditional non-dimmers ).The electronic dimmer usually turns with a knob or moves with a slide), but not all, so it's better to check with the supplier first before you start using the bulb.It's easy to see that the advantages of LED lamp bulbs are just a few things that you have to pay attention to when using them.The simple switch of these bulbs will give you a long-term rewardSave and maintain their minimum effort for a long time, so why not switch for them now?
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