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by:Leimove     2020-02-26

LED scoreboard can be used in most sports eventsThe capture effect replaces the traditional scoreboard.This high-The lighting system of science and technology can not only save energy but also emit very bright light.LED scoreboard is manufactured using the advanced technology of LED representing LEDs, which have become the preferred technology in almost all areas of the world.LED exceeds any other programmable signage method in a variety of ways imaginable.They require inherent low power consumption.LED has excellent visual capabilities, which has always been an important factor in the logo vision market.There are LED scoreboard for football, rugby, cricket, basketball, water polo, track and field and weightlifting.These displays are very effective for displaying scores and real-time updates.In addition, the display scoreboard is low cost, high quality, easy to use and requires little or no regular maintenance.Jayex Technology has a leading manufacturer, and you can customize the scoreboard for less than expected prices, which uses power line modem Technology to transfer commands to the scoreboard through existing power lines.This makes the installation as simple as inserting a scoreboard.
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