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by:Leimove     2019-08-17

The invention of gadgets and other technologies makes life better.Due to the huge growth of technology, our resources have also been overutilized.LED lights can be said to be the perfect source of environmental protection lighting.The many advantages of Led make it the most popular light source.LED or light-emitting devices are basically semiconductor devices.They are used in a wide variety of applications, from ordinary lights in the House to high mast lights, and their use is increasing rapidly.The first LED was introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962.The first batch of LED is only used for red light.Today, different kinds of LEDs ranging from visible to infrared wavelengths are available.LEDs are illuminated by an effect known as LEDs.This effect only means that when electrons are recombined with holes, energy is released in the form of photons.The gap of the semiconductor determines the color of the light.Unlike incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED has the advantages of low energy consumption, long service life, improved health and small size.High power lighting is also possible after visible, UV and infrared LEDs appear.With the development of some chips, the efficiency of LED has improved and continues to improve, these chips can emit 100 lumens per watt.Another major advantage of the LED is that, unlike incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, its light emission is limited in one direction.This phenomenon helps to save a lot of energy.Another advantage is that where color lighting is required, the LED can naturally emit multiple colors without the need for a filter.A white light from the LED needs to be mixed with a red, blue or green LED, or a fluorescent substance is used.At present, bright blue LEDs are made based on the principles of gap semiconductor GaN (gallium nitrite) and InGan (indium gallium.This can be mixed with current available red and green LEDs to make many other colors as we need them.In 1971, Jacques pacova invented the first blue LEDs to use gan.The output of these devices is so low that further research on this topic is not encouraged.At present, LEDs are one of the most commonly used light sources in the world.Because of its vivid advantages, they occupied the world in a very short time.Traditional light sources like halogen lamps are replaced by LEDs.Because of its energy-saving capabilities, they are often called green light sources.Our predecessors have given us the world we are in, so it is our responsibility to make sure that it continues even after we become dust.                                

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