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by:Leimove     2019-09-02

Sewing LED or light-Firing a diode into a shirt or other outfit is an interesting way to make your outfit more festive and not as difficult as it looks.This process is no different from most ordinary hands.Sewing items, in addition to the fact that you need to use a conductive metal wire to light up the LED.You will also need to connect the battery and switch to turn the LED on and off.When sewing the LED, keep in mind that you are using the circuit and electronics and pay attention to properly connecting the front and the negative.Use the needle-Bend the long lead of each LED into a nose clamp for the coil.Long leads or thin metal wires that stretch out the light are usually positive leads or anode.Bend the negative lead of each LED into a coil.Make the coil slightly square or triangular to distinguish it from the positive lead.Arrange the LEDs on the front of the garment into attractive patterns, and then draw the lines connecting the front leads of each LED using the disappearing ink mark.Draw a line that connects the negative lead.Don't let the negative and positive lines cross --Cross or touch at any point.Cut the guide wire to a certain length, and then wear the sewing needle with the wire.Make a knot at the other end of the line.Pass the needle through the garment from the back of the fabric and lift it up through the positive coil on one of the LEDs.Place the needle and thread on the coil and push back through the fabric so that the stitching is in place.Continue to stitch around the coil until the coil is firmly attached to the fabric.Stitch along the lines you draw for the positive coil until you reach the next LED.Stitch around the front coil to make it securely attached to the fabric.Continue stitching along this line and stitch the rest of the front leads of the led in place.Once you have all the LEDs stitched in place, make a row of about five stitches and place the battery case next to the stitching.Sew the positive lead of the battery holder onto the fabric, just like the positive lead of the stitched led.Lead should be marked "".\ "Trim off the extra threads.Re-Wear a needle with a new length of wire guide.Stitch the negative leads of each LED in the same way.Do not connect the negative lead of the battery to the fabric.Sew half of the metal buckle to the fabric with a guide wire drawn from the negative lead.Stitch the other half of the snapshot to the fabric with a negative line.Position the second half of the capture so you can push the capture together to turn off the circuit.The snapshot will act as an on/off switch for your led.From the second capture to the negative lead on the battery.Sew lead in the way you sew lead on the front.Trim the conductive thread.To prevent wear, you may want to apply a little white glue on the end of the thread.Short circuit may be caused if thread wear.Try on the dress, push the two photos together and watch it shine.                                

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