led light on how do i check the defrost board on a ducane heat pump?

by:Leimove     2020-01-12
When the temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the outdoor coil on the heat pump system freezes.The Ducane heat pump contains a defrost control board that triggers when the external temperature reaches 42 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent possible evaporator coils from freezing.Once the temperature triggers the defrost control board, it runs the defrost cycle every 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
If there is a problem with the Ducane heat pump, the homeowner can check the defrost control board to diagnose the indicator light, or change the timing pin to trigger a more frequent defrost cycle.Use a screwdriver to open the access panel on the Ducane heat pump outdoor unit..Defrost control board is located in the upper left cornerHand angle of casing.
The control panel is for you, rectangular and contains diagnostic LED lights and several electrical pins.Observe the diagnostic LED lights on the right-The hand side of the board is marked as DS1 and ds2.The first one is green and the second one is red.
If both lights are flashing slowly, it means that the unfreezing control board is working properly.No LED lights indicate insufficient power.If the light flashes in alternating mode, the system will be in reverseShort cycle lock.
A slow red flash without a green LED indicates that the system has experienced a low voltage event.This example may be singular.If the red light continues to light up, the system has experienced five low-pressure events during the heating or cooling cycle and turned the system off.A slow green flash or a stable green light without a red LED indicates that the system has experienced a high-pressure attack or five high-pressure attacks and has shut down the system.
Find the timing pin in the upper left corner-Hand side of the defrost control board.The markers next to the pin settings read "30", "60", "90" and "test" from top to bottom ".One of these holes should have a pin.If the pin is in the "test" hole, it will not run under normal conditions.
The pins in the other hole indicate the time elapsed within a few minutes before the start of the thaw cycle.The standard factory setting is 60 minutes.Please unplug the heat pump before changing the pin position.
Find the optional pressure switch in the lower left corner-Hand side of the defrost control board.If these switches are installed, they trip like a fuse switch when the low or high voltage readings exceed normal working conditions.If any of the switches trip, please call the service technician.
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