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by:Leimove     2020-01-12
In the whirlwind of holiday decorations, shopping, and celebrations, you may find yourself turning on a pack of lights hanging on the porch, only to find the box marked as "indoors "."The lights indoors and outdoors are very similar in appearance and function and you may want to use them alternately.Don't make this mistake.Many people think that it is safe to hang the Christmas lights inside and put the outdoor lights on the trees.
This is a common misconception.
Certified lights for outdoor use are specially manufactured to withstand cold and wet conditions, and certified lamps for indoor use have been safely tested to ensure that they do not pose a fire hazard to trees.There are three types of Christmas lights;Marked only for outdoor use, indoor use and certified for both.S. Fire Administration advises consumers to use only approved test facility certified lights, so check the box before purchasing.
If you decorate with the lights that were raised from the basement last year, the labels near the plugs should tell you whether they are outdoor or indoor.If you are unable to verify what type of lights they are, please do not use them.The Consumer Product Safety Board warns against using Christmas lights outdoors unless certified for outdoor use.
If you decorate your porch with lights designed only for the interior, they can crash in bad weather conditions.The risk of a fire or injury caused by an electric shock.Similarly, outdoor lights used indoors can be a fire hazard as they are usually hotter than standard tree lights.
If you choose the right type of light when purchasing Christmas decorations, you will do more to ensure the safety of your family during the holidays.You will find that your outdoor lights are big enough to be bright enough for passers-From the road, although the lights on your tree are the right size and cool enough to rest on a thin needle and not make a fire.Another option for security --LED Christmas lights are a conscious consumer, both indoors and outdoors.
LED bulbs last longer and are much cooler than traditional incandescent Christmas bulbs.They also require less power compared to standard lights.According to US media reportsS.Doe, the cost of running 12 hours of LED lights per day for 40 days is less than a dollar.
In contrast, a tree with a standard C-As of June 2010, the 7 lights lit at the same time would cost about $25
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