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by:Leimove     2020-01-12
Compared to traditional Christmas lights, LED light strings have many advantages.They use less energy, last longer, burn brighter, and don't get hot.Still, like any other Christmas lights, LED lights can burn out or have other common problems.
If you are familiar with the trouble shooting of traditional incandescent lamps, you can use many of the same strategies to fix the LED lights.Check the power outlet and extension cord to make sure your light is plugged into the socket and other light wires tightly.Try plugging in another device to make sure the problem is with the light instead of the socket.
Check the fuse on the female end of the string to see if there is a broken filament.If so, please replace the fuse.Check whether the pin on the electric plug is in full contact with the circuit.Gently spreading the tip out should solve this problem.
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