led lights for household use Energy-Saving Lightbulb Tips

by:Leimove     2020-03-26
led lights for household use Energy-Saving Lightbulb Tips
One of the easiest ways to be green at home is to replace standard bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs.In doing so, AmericaS.In terms of lighting, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%, the Department of Energy said.Since lighting accounts for about 11% of your energy usage, this switch can significantly reduce your electricity bill.The easiest way to ensure energy securityEfficient bulbs meet government efficiency standards and are the labels for finding energy stars.The U.S.The Department of Energy reports that by using qualified bulbs and fixtures, you can achieve a more uniform and efficient distribution of light.While you can use compact fluorescent bulbs anywhere in your home, they are best suited to see rooms where lighting is widely used.Energy Star recommends that you use them mainly in rooms where the light lasts for more than 15 minutes;frequent on-and-Not using will reduce the service life of the compact fluorescent bulb.Rooms like the living room, kitchen, office and dining room may benefit the most from installing energysaving bulbs.Because energy-Efficient bulbs are usually designed differently, without using timers and motion sensors, choose the type of bulb that will produce the visual effect you want.The spiral bulb is the most common type of CFL, and the amount of light emitted is similar to the standard bulb.According to Energy Star, you can use this light bulb with dimmer switch;Please read the package to ensure compatibility.When you want to improve the energy when there is no spiral appearance, buy the cover-All bulbs look like standard bulbs, shapes, covered globes and candles.Make sure your energyThe efficient bulb has the longest service life and the least impact on the environment.Because different types of bulbs are for different purposes, you should read the packaging carefully before purchasing.For example, in embedded lamps, the indoor reflective bulbs are the safest option because they are designed to release heat in a way that does not damage the lamps.Compact fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, so when CFL runs out, U.S.The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you contact the local waste management company to properly handle mercury to avoid mercury entering the environment (see reference 2 ).Light-LEDs are more efficient, have longer life and have less heat than compact fluorescent bulbs.Energy Star-Certified LEDs save at least 75% of the energy used in standard bulbs and extend the duration by 25 times.As the led glows in one direction, it is recommended to use in industrial work areas, under cabinets, recessed downlights and mission lighting.You can also use them in Christmas lights;According to US media reportsS.Doe, a string of 280 LED lights, together with a string of 90% standard Christmas lights, saved about 125 of its energy.At the time of release, one drawback of the led is that the price is high, although the price is expected to drop as the manufacturer's investment in this technology increases.
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