led lights for household use What Plants Will Grow Under a White and Blue LED?

by:Leimove     2020-03-27
led lights for household use What Plants Will Grow Under a White and Blue LED?
Light-LEDs show hope as growth lights for indoor plants.The small size of LEDs, the efficient use of energy and the lack of heat make them particularly useful in small or closed areas.Most plants needSpectral light for optimal growth.Blue light and white led are beneficial for leaf-watching plants and can be combined with red light to provide a wide range-Spectrum environment.Led has many advantages compared to other types of growth lights, such as fluorescent, incandescent, and high brightnessIntensity Discharge light.LEDs are more energy efficient and compact, and if they break, they will not face the threat of exposure to toxic mercury like fluorescent diodes.In contrast, incandescent lamps are hot and have a short life span.The Led is conducive to providing light of a specific wavelength and can be customized according to the needs of the factory.Blue light is the specific light wavelength required for plant photosynthesis and growth, and is ideal for seedlings and seedlings.Blue LEDs are much more efficient than they were a few years ago and useful in growth light systems that combine with other wavelengths.The plants that benefit most from blue light are non-flowering green leafy plants such as salad vegetables and leafy indoor plants.White LEDs are also available, but they are just blue LEDs with fluorescent coatings that make them look white and are less efficient than single LEDswave blue LEDs.White light provided by fluorescent bulbs is a wide-Contains spectral light of different colors useful to plants.This is why ordinary fluorescent lamps are one of the best light sources for growing lights.In contrast, the white LEDs do not provide widthspectrum light.Plants need red light to induce flowering and results.Indoor plants, such as the African Violet (Saintpaulia spp), that grow in full bloom ).) And fruit plants such as Rieger beganias, or tomato (tomato.) Or pepper (Chili ).) There must be a red light.However, these plants also require a certain amount of supplemental blue light to stimulate healthy growth.If these plants are fully grown under blue or white LEDs, their performance will not be as expected.Most plants use a combination of red and blue light, so the best light of all types of indoor plants combines a wide range of lightSpectrum light including red and blue light.Different plants respond to different proportions of red and blue light at different stages of development.NASA's research shows that other salad crops such as lettuce (lettuce) and radish (radish) do not grow well in plants that grow separately under red or blue light, it is easier to get sick than plants that grow under the combination of red and blue light.
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