led lights for sale near me Ideas: The Lost Art of Painting Christmas Windows

by:Leimove     2020-03-08

The Adventures of a window painterWhen I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated by art paintings on windows that seemed to show up overnight around Christmas --One day, there was only glass, and the next day, beautiful pictures were painted on the snowman, pine trees, happy colors and the glass of the winter green trees.It's amazing to see those paintings look like they show up overnight!I used to think that the people who painted these windows must be part of some secret Santa Claus Association that came out late at night and magically painted all the windows in the town!My fascination with these window paintings has never disappeared as I get older.....I always wonder who did these windows, how did they do it, and most importantly, when did they do it?I never seem to be able to catch anyone in the process of doing one thing, so this mystery has been going on in my twenties.I was interested in these art paintings on the windows, I even went out and took pictures of the windows, somehow I wanted to capture these art works on the glass, I can be sure who is doing these works!After my first son was born, the mystery continued for me, even to the point of a year when I decided to figure out how to do these windows one way or another.So I went to the art store in Santa Cruz and picked the shop assistant's brain to find out what paint I could use to draw some beautiful windows for myself.I came back to my house with a few bottles of tempera paint and brushes and felt very happy as if I had cracked some secret code in the art of painting the window.I mean, I have paint now, don't I?All I have to do now is find a way to draw the actual picture, right?Christmas comes and goes, paint stays in the box, and another year --I'm focusing on other things now.With my photos and paint, I packed my bags and went back to the San Francisco Bay Area, dragging the toddler (I have two sons now )--After a divorce, seek refuge.It seems that the elusive art of painting on the window will remain elusive for at least some time.A few months after I settled in, I felt the need to venture out on a cold night with my 1 and 2 year olds, take a walk in a shopping mall outside the city center (which is strange in itself --As any mother knows, it's not easy to have two children ready to drive and then walk, especially on cold nights...This requires strategy, skill and perseverance...Actually met a window painter.finally!Just on that cold night, as we walked on the sidewalk, I saw what I thought was a mirage.Two women made incredible burgers in front of countriesDraw a window...I just fell.I finally got them!!They have been doing the joy of these pranks on the window all the time!!There are real people doing this!It was fate that brought me out that night.........How did you do it?How do you get people to let you do this?Do you really get paid for doing this?(It seems hard to believe that one can get paid for having so much fun!After a long chat with the two people (and I am very grateful for the time they took to talk to me), I finally took the courage to ask them if they needed help.She usually hires someone to help her every season.So they gave me their friend's phone number and encouraged me to call her.That night, I went home on cloud nine.Not only did I see the magic of painting on the window show up in front of me, I might even be a part of it myself!So the next day I called their friend Lisa and she and I called right away.Although she had hired a person to work with her that season, she invited me to join her painting window in the next few days.So my drawing came and we met in a pre-arranged place.career.......I think I must have made the biggest winter green tree in the history of window painting that day!The more uneven my holly tree is, the bigger it is until it becomes a little basketball.My new friend Lisa has been encouraging me and just said with a smile ("It doesn't matter") I know it's not, but her kind words encourage me to keep trying., I became very brave and in the next few days I went to several local stores and talked to some of them and asked me to color their windows.It was the best Christmas ever!Not only did I have fun, but I also made money!I have an envelope filled with the money I drew and I can use it for Christmas which is even more wonderful!My children and I will have a wonderful Christmas that year!And we did.What happens next year will change my life.Because painting on the window not only became my profession, but also found a new husband for me.
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