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by:Leimove     2019-08-25

Energy-saving LED lights are new alternatives to traditional lamps and lanterns.LED lighting has a large number of advantages compared to traditional incandescent lamps, because LED lights are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effectiveeffective.There are all kinds of energy-saving lamps on the market, because the LED lights are protected by the environment and advanced technology is adopted.Compared with incandescent lamps, LED lamps can save 80% of energy and 50% of energy than fluorescent lamps.LED light has become a major development trend in the field of lighting with its energy saving and environmental protection design.In addition, these energy-efficient bulb have some other advantages, such as lowLow power consumption.The operating voltage of general LED lights is 2---3.6 v, the working current is 0.02---0.03A.This means that the power consumption of the LED light does not exceed 0.1W.In addition, these are all small size because the LED is basically a small chip, summed up with epoxy resin.LED lights also have the features of no flash, high applicability, high stability and short response time.Due to the cold light source, the energy-saving LED light has high brightness and low heating.Another advantage of LED is thatToxic material for the manufacture of LED lights, making it an environment-However, mercury contained in fluorescent lamps cannot be recovered and is toxic in nature.The LED brightness level can be easily terrain and adjusted as it uses multiple colors to provide good-Look at the effect.This is the so-called dimmable LED light.LED lights are able to provide a dimmable effect because of the organizational structure and precise arrangement of electronic components.Dimmable LED lights can skillfully turn to the maximum brightness and have a low minimum current.Energy efficient bulbs are 75% more efficient than regular bulbs.If they replace old bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs, the home can save energy.Research shows that 20% of the average household electricity bill is caused by lighting.If the home budget is switched to a compact fluorescent or LED light, they can make a big difference.In contrast, LED lights are more energy efficient, more economical, more durable, and eco-friendly and cool, which in turn reduces the cost of air conditioning.                                

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