led Prospect Vale Park light upgrade complete ahead of schedule

by:Leimove     2019-07-15

The lighting upgrade has been completed ahead of schedule in Prospect Valley Park.The Meander Valley committee announced the news on March 29."Rambling Valley now has one of the first games --standard LED-In the state, just in time for the winter, lit the ground ,\"xa0Facebook's post said."Thanks to the election commitments of the Meander Valley Council, the Tasman infrastructure fund, the AFL facility development Reserve and the state free government.Prospect Valley Park is the largest regional sports facility in the winding valley board with more than 3000 users.Oldxa0Light is expectedxa0Property granted to the area to ensure they are not wasted.The upgrade means that the football oval and football field in the park will be upgraded to the lighting level recommended by the Tasmania state alliance and AFL Tasmania200 lux.The project cost more than $180,000.                                

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