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by:Leimove     2020-02-24
Known in the United States as recessed downlights or "can lights", it is a common fixture in the kitchen and bathroom.Unlike traditional fixtures, downlights are designed to sit up on the ceiling so that they can only be seen on the front.Typical downlights are made up of pressed steel or cast aluminum lamp holders and decorative panels.During installation, depending on the type of downlight purchased, downlight is inserted into a hole of the right size and fixed in the appropriate position with a spring or compression clip.The physical size and brightness of the downlight vary greatly, ranging from small decorative models with a diameter of about 50mm to large commercial units of about 160mm.Compared with traditional lamps, downlights have many aesthetic and practical advantages.First of all, they look good and provide adequate lighting while keeping the modern kitchen, living room or bathroom clean and streamlined.Secondly, they are versatile and can be installed anywhere as long as there is enough space to accommodate the housing.Finally, as far as practicality is concerned, downlights can be used individually to create powerful task lighting, or in combination to create a general atmosphere.In the latter case, many prefer the selection of the dimmer switch, which can be used to change the level of light if needed.When choosing a downlight instead of a traditional fixture, it is important to determine how much brightness and how much brightness you need.To fully cover and to avoid the area of the room being left in the dark, the downlights should be evenly distributed.There are many "rules of thumb" that can help you decide the type and quantity you need.There are many different types of downlights to choose from, and they all have their own advantages.Non-fixed DownlightAll lights can be adjusted and guided down.The Glimbal downlight has a movable center that can be tilted to adjust the direction of the beam and create focus throughout the room.The eye tube lamp is similar to the gimbals, but provides a greater degree of control over the beam angle.Finally, the Wall washer has a hinge housing that can rotate 90 degrees for the "wall cleaning" effect.LED downlights are some of the latest developments in embedded lighting technology with higher life, economy and safety.Although most traditional downlights can be converted into LED bulbs, it is better to buy a fully integrated LED downlight.In this case, the led is integrated into the unit and cannot be removed, but provides higher performance and reliability.One of the main questions about downlights is heat.Due to their design, most of the heat generated by downlights points to the rear of the unit, which can lead to fire risk, especially in the attic bedroom, where they are close to flammable insulation.Since the heat generated by LED downlights is significantly reduced, it is much safer to use them in these places.Keep in mind that when installing in the bathroom, check that all downlights are fire-proof and that they have the right IP rating.
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