led replacement lamps My RV Exterior Light Maintenance: My Retro-Winnie 2

by:Leimove     2020-03-10

When I'm in my "new, old, retro"Winnie Shakedown trip, I only drive during the day, so I never had a chance to check the function of my headlights.When we were placed in Camp Virginia, I could take a walk.Night around my rig.I just started the engine and turned on my RV lights and then I went out and double checked all the exterior lights for my car home.Happily, all of my exterior lights work well and the lens cover is clean and complete.That is, except for the headlights on my right.They are, but they are very dim.I went back inside and turned off the engine and lights for the night.The next morning I took a flashlight outside and checked the two headlights.Even if turned off, the two lights don't look as bright as the left two headlights that were working properly the night before.I looked at it carefully and the problem became obvious.Every light has about 1/4-There's an inch of water inside.I know that you are driving on the road at night and see a change in the brightness of the headlights from the vehicle to the vehicle.Some of the reasons for this difference are that different vehicles have various replaceable bulbs.You can even purchase replacement bulbs in different colors.Incandescent lamps for sealing beam headlamps and many used cars.These bulbs will eventually age and lose a certain amount of brightness.As an old-fashioned car home, it uses a headlights known as a "sealed beam.This means that the lens assembly is one piece with the actual bulb, and the unit is sealed according to the weather.The newer headlights have a lens assembly and a replaceable "light bulb" on the back of the lens, which can usually be entered from the front engine compartment.For diesel pushers that do not have an engine compartment, they are generally accessible from areas with removable lamp covers.Anyway, I took off the old headlight and it only took a Philips screwdriver and a little patience to get it done.I took the bad to the car parts store closest to me and they crossedRefer to the lights they stock, sell me two new lights, one lowA high beambeam.I installed a light and then I took a picture to show the difference between the old and new headlamps, once the weather went into the lens and eroded the reflective material on the lens wall.Look at the picture!After a few minutes, all my lights worked properly.All RV owners need to understand that one of the most important things on the RV is the full-featured exterior lights.In the face of reality, these car homes and the towed campers will not stop easily.When you step on the brakes, your car home has a lot of quality that needs to be stopped, and at night, in order to increase his chances of parking safely, the driver needs to see the way as far as possible.To this end, the car home needs not only good brakes, but also good headlights.Also, all the marking lights at the top front and back of the top of the car home, as well as the marking lights on the sides, give the car home a better chance not to be hit by another car, if they are all litThen there are signal lights, brake lights and some spotlights that help drivers travel safely.Car home outside the lamp cover.So when you hear the crunch under the tree, you know it's not a good thing.Later you checked and found a crack in your taillight lens.It can be a side Lens, a rear ceiling light lens, or even a parking light at the front of the RV.No matter which one it is, the problem is that you need to replace the damn thing now.Well, there are a few facts here when the owner of the RV who doesn't know is looking for a replacement lens on the RV.First of all, RV manufacturers do not produce any lenses they use on their vehicles.This is a simple thing;It turns out that it's cheaper to use lenses made by other companies.Oh, they will be happy to sell you a replacement if you or your mechanic calls their parts department.And, after they mark it as 100% or more higher than their purchase and processing costs, it will be expensive.Purchase exterior lights and lenses from the original manufacturer.But if you look around and do a little research, you will find that you can get cheaper parts from the original manufacturer.Almost all car homes use headlights and taillights components from automakers.If your car home is on the Ford chassis, then go to the Ford parts department to get the lens part number, the entire broken Assembly assembled with you, they can find your right parts at a lower price.As for others, all you need to do is spy around on the sites that provide owners with answers to questions about the RV, and someone might tell you which one is the replacement lens for you.Forum on rv..I know it works because a few years ago I backed up my Camelot car home from the driveway and I clicked on my mailbox.When I looked at it, my right rear taillight fitting lens cracked.I don't know what to do, I went to the Forum on the RV.Net, and ask for help from my fellow campers.I got the answer the next day.A colleague from Arizona told me that 2007 Camelot used tail light components and lenses originally on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.I then asked a service representative from Monaco about this and he admitted that it was true and that year they did use the manufacturer assembly.I ordered one from a local Jeep dealer and got the footage in less than two weeks.It was a perfect match and the price was far less than half what Monaco gave me.Of course, the same is true for RV headlight components.They also use parts designed for other vehicles and parts that you may need to replace can be easily found.If you look closely, the yellow running light on the side of the RV and on the front and rear roof of the RV looks the same.They are the same.These are all made by several larger luminaire manufacturers, and the design of the base, lens and bulb has been in use for decades.Do a quick search in stores like Amazon and you'll find dozens of different lights available for you to purchase.You can even upgrade your old dull lenses with more decorative shapes if you want.The new RVs use LED lights instead of the old incandescent lamps.This is a good thing.LED lights are not only more efficient than incandescent lamps, but also use less current, also bright and have a longer life.However, they are much more expensive than old incandescent lamps, so shop carefully at the best price possible.In the last few car homes I have, I always replace them with LED lights when my incandescent lights are broken.But I did it and have been complaining about the price.Click on this site;For a wide variety of LED replacement lights.So, one of the things I have to do when I take my old vintage dress --Winnie's head light on her first pilot flight.I am now a safer driver as I get extra night vision from my new headlights.
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