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by:Leimove     2020-01-15
This is the happiest time of the year.Again.Sleigh Bells, Christmas carols, and an era of timeless tradition.This is also the time for technology to modernize these traditions.You may not like to tamper with tradition when you spend hours making bells with Dixie cups, so for you, we say, "Liar!To show our point, there are five technologies here that can make the holidays brighter.
We had predicted that the first launch of "drone for Christmas" would be Amazon delivery drone throwing gifts at our doorstep.Not so.
, a remote-People at Hammacher Schlemmer introduced the controlled hover ball "I'll give me some" this year.
"Our invention will be a hit for any holiday party," said Fred Burns, general manager of the company .".\ "You can easily hover it over a couple or someone you want to steal a holiday kiss from.
If you are a poor, confused schlub, the Mistletoe drone is a potential godsend and he cannot manipulate your emotional object under the traditional immobile mistletoeImportant first kiss, the leader expressed opposition and realized that he or she has always loved you.This time, mistletoe is moving and directed by you.
The only downside we see is that the remote control is large and it's hard to sneak a Mistletoe parasitic drone.If your special person does not want to be kissed, they will warn you to come.Maybe a drone of the month.0 will be controlled by a smart watch.Then whisper with "target vision.Move to the right position and your drone looks like magic on your potential lover's head.
However, Hammacher Schlemmer's drone is an excellent first effort, and the company has completed an important first step by ensuring the safety of the quadcopter.The rotor is placed in a spherical cage consisting of mistletoe leaves and berries, so that one can smooth without fear of being cut into ribbons.
Last year, a woman lost a nose on a homemade mistletoe parasitic drone that looked like a flying tableware.
Hammacher Schlemmer offers Mistletoe drones for $69.95.It's on rechargeable batteries and 30-Charging in minutes can bring the flight time to five minutes.The remote control requires 6 AA batteries.
Lumenplay's string of lights may look like a classic C9 bulb, but in reality they are RGB LEDs that can be programmed to display millions of colors.This is a perfect Christmas gift for those who are eager to change.Change constantly.Lumenplay lights are also very popular with children who can't help but play with different combinations of lights.Lights are not limited to trees--It's nice to use them outdoors, so you can also decorate your house with them.Make a mess of your neighbors: put the ladder outside so they think you're constantly changing the lights.
Remote control of lights via any Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with iOS or Android devices, can be controlled from a distance of 60 feet.For Christmas decorators with security awareness, a password can be used to prevent neighbors from hijacking your decor.We recommend that you take advantage of this feature.When you fool your neighbor and think that you have new lights on every day, thus forcing him to play the game, he will want revenge when he learns the truth.Remember: Even at Christmas, only paranoia will survive.
Lumenplay can be programmed to dance according to any music of your choice.You can also have impressive control over the lighting performance by selecting effects, speed, and brightness.

The retail price is $79.99.The device is equipped with a controller (communicating with a Bluetooth device) and 12 LED lights.
24 lights for about $55.00.
Virtual Christmas lights have been with us for a few years and are getting better and better.Imagine a gadget that projects a laser onto your home, lawn, bushes, and trees ---Or, no matter where you want the dazzling display of thousands of light spots.Not only do they look cool, but they are very easy to install.Say goodbye to a few hours to cut the lights for your wooden tile.Now you just have to turn the switch on.
Surprisingly, it has been breaking the holiday with lasers since 2006, with two new projectors launched this year: motion and color.Motion includes the remote control (so you can control the movement of the lights) and the built-in remote controlin timer.The color projector introduces rgb led lights into the mix.The old BlissLights projector uses only laser, one of the four basic colors.Now, in addition to one of the four laser colors, you have 16 colors to choose from.BlissLights gives you enough control that you can use the laser alone, with just the LED or both.When the LED coverage is 15 \ 'x 15 \', the laser coverage is 50 \ 'x 50 \'.The retail price of the BlissLights \ 'projector is about $140.

The Six Flags theme park features a projector.If you scoffed at the coverage of BlissLight, then please note.High laser Christmas lightsOutput laser diodes of up to three colors, allowing you to project your Thousand Lights in red, green and blue at the same time.Their laser covers 2,500.Very dense square feet.
Other companies offer virtual Christmas lights.Again, let's wonder if all defense contractors engaged in missile defense have decided to enter the holiday lighting system.
for $129.
From Hammacher Schlemmer for $199.95.
One note about virtual Christmas lights is: you can get what you pay for and it's cheap and it's around $30.00, use low-output lasers.It doesn't make sense to let yourself down this holiday.This is the ugly sweater.
Next, not the faint of the heart.In fact, some of you will seek asylum in the last section on virtual Christmas lights and will never come back.Because sorting is the holy grail of Christmas Technology, where choreographed lights dance in sync with sound and music.You have seen the videos that are shown on tour every holiday season.These are the works of the ordinary Joss who became the Lighting Guide.
.(If you were not moved by lightsaber at 1: 25 then you really went to the dark side.
There are a number of technologies that go into the field of sequencing, including Channel optical controllers, sequencing software, pixel editors, tri-Quantum flux modulator and special adapter.One of them is made up by us.Can you guess which one it is?
Said, "it has been a wild west for many years and a pioneer of overexploitationthe-Top-level decorators and computer-based programming, but the times are changing.
Leading the streamlining and regulation of charging technology.They helped 1,000 people around the world to master sequencing technology.The company provides senior practitioners with everything they need to start with, and more.The most important thing is that lightO-Rama knows that the technology is daunting and provides a lot of support.
For those that are not started.Retail price is $387.80.
If your goal is to make people stop and stare at your home this Christmas, then the order is for you.
Don't just decorate--tech-o-rate.We will show ourselves.) Whether it's decorating your tree, filling your socks, or decorating your house, show your dark side with reasonable pride.
Will definitely give you a good start in their technologyInspired decoration.
It looks like it fell out of video games and entered the real world.It is made of EVA foam with flashing gold coins, Super Famicom style video game controller and Galaga fighterSchool video game icon.

Then blurt it out.There are also many tree ornaments here.-From the doctor in Tardis to the quiet number in the Firefly series (we still haven't recovered from the cancellation of the show ).
--A string of LED lights leads to an 8-Pin Lightning connector.In the office, Starbucks, and family and friends, this one will definitely turn around.
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