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by:Leimove     2020-01-12
A friend asked me a good question yesterday.If I want to make my life betterSee if what I'm talking about is positive or negative, acting in such a way that the universe knows that I'm serious about wanting to change --How do I know when I'm not practical?"Forget" and "good" questions...great question!My friend is scared because of her.
like me -She is coming out of her traditional work and making a big step towards working for herself.At the same time, she lives by saving.She is a single mother to make things more challenging.So she wants to know when to focus on her fears and when to challenge it.
She asked the right person!I have been dealing with fear for many years;For many people, it has deprived me of my ability.But now I think I know more about it.Just a little.Fear is an astute opponent;It knows how to disguise itself as "attention", "insight" and "intuition ".I used to have a boyfriend.Probably the most gentle man on Earth.I was there scared of him for a moment, because I could swear (I did) that there was "something dark" on him ".
The only darkness of this man is my fear of him, for I am afraid to be with him.Crikey!So I told my friend that there is an old Jewish expression: from strength to strength.This means that you won't jump when you feel uncertain or weak.
You have to wait until you're sure.
If you take a wellIs considered a leap of faith and then brings fearGreat Surprise!That's why they call it a leap of faith, not something more reassuring and slow-moving --moving.So, did you take the next logical step in the progress of the plan?Or are you taking the leap that requires some sacrifice that you're not sure about?You must make up your mind.But the good news is: you can't lose.Suppose you give up an opportunity because of fear, in which case your decision is based on fear of jumping, not a warning --Signs of a little fearGuess what.
..If you move on, not die on your track, as I used to do, mourning what you missed, if you still want it, this opportunity or other similar opportunity will rush to you at another time.As another friend once said to me, "The opportunity is yours and yours.They are not self-willed little things. they rush past you and rush to the people who catch them.
"The problem is that you have to keep pursuing it.As to how you "show" Your question about changing the serious universe, well, the other day, I was listening to a tape of unlimited possibilities from Mike Dolly, he talked about this on the tape.He said (I explain) that you are not making yourself poor to prove your faith, your efforts, your seriousness.
Instead, what you do is (I quote), "Do what you can.\" Amen!This changing-your-Life takes time, attention, enthusiasm, help, effort, compassion for yourself, and more., etc., etc.!We're 30 years old., 40-, 50-, 60-A year's boat.How many workshops do we need to change our lives?Maybe only one.
maybe 20.
But this requires a simple commitment to our own path and patience with ourselves.Using the tools provided by the workshopVisualization, affirmative statements and all others-Move on.See you on the road!
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