led screw in light bulbs how to lubricate light bulbs | ehow

by:Leimove     2020-01-17
The bulb socket will occasionally stick together, and when screwed in, the glass part of the bulb will be under undue pressure, resulting in potential problems.This can cause the air to enter the bulb and kill it immediately.Alternatively, the glass may fall off completely, causing the metal cover to stick to the live socket.Fortunately, a simple family remedy can prevent this from happening.This is especially useful when dealing with outdoor fixtures as corrosion can be a bigger problem.
Clean the sleeve and contact cover of the bulb with an alcohol pad.Let the alcohol dry for a few seconds.
Dip Vaseline with your fingers.Apply a smooth and uniform coating on the sleeve of the bulb (but not the contact cover.Use a clean cloth to remove the excess.
Screw the bulb completely.Twist the bulb a few laps and plug it back in completely.The light bulb and inner sleeve of the fixture should now have a uniform lubricant coating to prevent sticking together during disassembly.
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