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by:Leimove     2020-01-18
The lights in the store are fluorescent strip lamps, usually with two 40-watt fluorescent strip bulbs.They use easy-to-install chains to hang on the ceiling and have plugs to connect them to standard wall sockets without having to wire them in place or move them as needed.These lights are energy.Efficient and cheap.Hanging store lights in your workspace is a simple job, less than an hour with the right tools.
Mark the spots on the two eye bolts on the ceiling, which will support the chain of the store lights.If you hang the lights from the suspended ceiling, these lights must be marked on the wellThe supporting part of the metal railing of the support panel, close to the point where the railing is attached to the beam.Hanging a light from the middle of the metal railing causes it to sag.
Drill holes in the railing of the spot you mark with a bit smaller than the eye bolt.
Screw the eye bolts into the drill and tighten them with a wrench until they cling.
Hang an S-hook (an S-The shape of the metal sheet) starts with the ring at the end of the eye bolt.
From each S-chainHook, then hook the second S-Link the hook through the bottom of each chain.
Free end through bottom S-Hook through the coil at the top of the store lamp shell.Now it's hanging in place.
If necessary, plug the power cord of the lamp into the socket using the extension cord.
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