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by:Leimove     2020-01-18
Create your own lighting logo using a large shadow box frame and a couple of festive lights.Choose a frame with a durable back panel, such as wood or cardboard--You have to drill through it to connect the lights.The back of the shadow box becomes the front of your logo, so remove it if there is hanging hardware on the shadow box.
Cover the working face in the well-Ventilation area--You might want to work outdoors.-with newspaper.Pour the shadow box over the paper.If the box has a glass cover, remove the glass first.
Draw the outline of the text or graphic layout for the logo on the back of The Shadow Box, occupying most of the available space, making the logo as visible as possible.Use a pencil or chalk to outline the basic design in the print shop, or print out the idea of zooming in to the actual size.
Determine how far you want each LED light to be within your logo, like 2 inch from one bulb to the next--The closer the lights are, the more obvious your design is, the more lights will be.Mark the bulb layout by doing one point per 2 inch-Or other specified distance-The whole design.Use a ruler to keep the distance consistent.
Use a bit slightly wider than the lamp holder on the light chain to drill holes for the lamp at each marking point.For a comfortable fit, approach the actual socket size as close as possible.
Gently polish the side and back of the shadow box with fine sandSand grinding blocks make it smooth and remove any debris or obstacles caused by drilling.Flip the shadow box and polish any pieces of wood visible inside into sand.Clear all the dust with a rag and flip the shadow box back so the back is on top.
Shake a can to paint for a minute or two, then paint on the back and sides of the shadow box to keep the arms moving continuously.Draw parallel overlapping lines while holding down can 12 inch or so from the shadow box.Start each paint burst before the shadow box, and then end a little later to avoid paint spots.Let the paint dry completely, and then apply the second layer coating to get a better coverage.Paint for the third time if needed.
If you need more than one string of lights for your logo design, please insert the string of lights into another string of lights.
Support The Shadow Box vertically so that your design is aligned correctly.Determine if you want the plug end to hang from the left or right side of the sign, and then place the plug in the selected area.Through the back of the sign, that is, the front of the shadow box, press the bulb closest to the plug and pass through the hole closest to the plug.The end of the bulb should extend the front of the logo.
Push the next bulb on the string into the second hole in your design, next to the first hole.Continue pressing the bulb in sequence through the respective holes on the sign until all holes are filled.
Test the logo by inserting it into a nearby socket.If any bulb or whole chain does not work, please replace the bulb--if possible --Until all the lights are lit.Unplug the logo.
Place the logo to expose the back and show all the wires.Stick the wire to the back of the sign using small strip tape or transparent packaging tape to keep the tape away from the bulb.Align the extra wires near the plug end so it moves along the inside edge of the bottom of the sign and then hangs from the corner.Tie the rope to the back of the sign so it stays in this position.
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