led smd 5050 the endless possibilities of led lighting strip

by:Leimove     2020-02-16
Explain the possibility of LED strip lighting and what it can do for you.Anyonecan installed LED emergency light, which can be used almost anywhere, provides basic and technical information on how to unlock its full potential.LED strip or LED tape is a versatile lighting solution that offers unlimited possibilities.Let me first explain what it is actually: The LED lighting strip is essentially a row of continuous LEDs that are welded together with resistors to form a circuit.When powered by a power supply or drive, the led produces a seamless light, similar to a fluorescence.LEDs are low voltage and require a DC (DC power supply) that is typically 12 or 24 v dc ).When connecting the belt to the main voltage power supply, the power supply of the LED driver must be used.The power of the driver is determined by the power and the length of the band.There are three main types of LED light strips;The first one is not waterproof.This version is the most basic and fragile as LEDs are placed on a card or plastic without any covers to protect them.The second silicone coating, which is waterproof, is Grade 65.This version is made up of a similar row of LEDs, but is covered with a transparent thin silicon layer.The silicone version is not self-adhesive and when sticking it to the asurface, double-sided tape or adhesive must be used.The third version, in my opinion, is the epoxy coated LED light strip, which is the best.This version provides greater protection when the led is sealed and set to epoxy.This version is waterproof, with a grade of ip65and self-adhesive.The epoxy version injects the best assets of other LED strips.These variations are just the construction of the lighting strip.There are many types of LED chips available in the bar, from smaller dimmer chips to larger brighter chips.When using larger chips, wider straps are needed to hold them.The LED chip used for strip lamps is called SMD, which represents the surface mounting equipment.LED light strips have been used in commercial applications for many years, but until recently, it was also considered too expensive and complex for home use.LED prices have gradually declined due to increased demand and mass production, and LED light strips are now more readily available.Easy-to-order, plug-and-play kitsallow consumers can install on their own, and many are realizing the full potential that LED strip offers.One of the fastest growing areas for LED light strip use is cabinet use.The advantage of using the light bars here is that they can be cut into the exact length (within 50mm) that is almost required ).The basic installation can be done in a few minutes, as the tape can be glued directly to the Cabinet using a self-adhesive backing.Then plug the power directly into the standard wall socket and the work is done.When using multiple color changing bars, some commercial projects can become very complex and they all need to be controlled from a master device.When the DMX (digital multi-selector) controller must be used as a DMX to convert the basic digital signal to PWM (plus-Modulation) signal.When stripes are converted to PWM signals, they can be controlled by computer-based software that allows anything from color change to scene setting.These options seem bold for new users of LED light bars, but most companies are now aware that there is no need to stock each light strip when a light strip covers most applications.The most common is epoxy coated with SMD 5050 LEDs.This version has 30 LEDs per meter, or 60 ultra-bright LEDs per meter.Even if you choose your belt type, different differences will exist because they are produced in different factories with different quality control procedures.Strips can be controlled by using basic on/off switches, remote controls, or by using computer-based software through the DMX decoder.The state-of-the-art approach is to control the lights with an Iphone or smartphone, which allows you to blur or change the stripe color in your kitchen around the world!This is a great way to scare other families while on vacation or out of work.The LED light strip can be provided in a very short period of time, ranging from 50mm to 100 s m.Hard-Wired, heavy-duty power must be used for a longer period of time.The hard-wired installation should be done by a qualified electrician, but since tools or electrical knowledge are not required, almost anyone can complete a shorter run (about 10 m ).
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