led tape do i need waterproof (ip rated) led tape?

by:Leimove     2020-02-23
If you intend to use LED tape in the kitchen, bathroom or outside, then the answer to this question is almost certainly yes.Waterproof LED tape is not important in most other places.The waterproof LED tape has a special plastic coating called the IP rated coating.The coating is designed to prevent moisture from reaching the internal components on the LED tape.The degree of protection provided by the IP coating varies greatly from no protection to full protection.The standard for waterproof LED tape is ip65, which has a silicone coating.The ip65led tape can withstand partial water exposure, including Splash, jet and condensation.This makes it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms where the presence of pipes and outlets limits the location of lighting accessories.It is also recommended to use waterproof LED tape on the edge of the window, where there is a tendency for moisture formation on cold days.It is not recommended to flood this type of tape as the water will still penetrate and damage the internal parts.One of the main advantages of the ip65led tape is that it remains waterproof even when cut.Other types of LED tape cannot be cut because doing so would damage its waterproof coating.An example of this is the IP68 tape, which is characterized by a hollow plastic connector inserted into the tape.While it does provide better protection, the water can't be cut off because the tape is exposed and it enters the sleeve.It is also very important to consider the peripheral when choosing waterproof LED tape.The conventional power supply/driver, in the case of an ofRGB LED tape, the control unit and the amplifier are not waterproof.If you can get these devices away from moisture better, but provide a version of the IP level if it's inevitable.Never drown these units!For most other applications, the normal LED tape should be enough.
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