led television How to Get rid of Water Mark Stains on Your Plasma/LCD/LED Television Screen

by:Leimove     2020-03-05

Many new TVs have nasty water marks on TV screens.If you have this problem, there are several ways to safely remove water marks without damaging your new TV.The specifications and functions of the TV are different.First of all, do not use a wet wipe or any form of wipe containing alcohol.If you use them, they can leave a permanent mark on the screen.The best way to remove the water marks on the TV screen is to simply use the ultra-slim cloth and warm water.First, drop a few drops of warm water on your clothes.Then wipe the area of the question slowly with a cloth.Soon, the water mark will begin to disappear, leaving no permanent trace.Make sure to turn off the TV and unplug the power cord before any cleaning process.The last thing you want to do is electric shock!If the above method does not work, please check out the TV cleaning bag at the local grocery store.These kits come with special liquid spray and pre-spraymoistened wipe.The kit consists of distilled water and a small amount of alcohol, allowing you to quickly remove water marks.Alcohol also promotes a rapid drying process.Do not use products such as Windex or other glass cleaners.Also, don't apply too much liquid when you start wiping water marks.Through the above two methods, most people have achieved success.If they don't work, I'll call a local handyman who can use his expertise to solve your water mark problem.That is, do you know the difference between plasma TV and LCD TV and led TV?Plasma TV is the oldest of the three, but it shouldn't keep you away, as it's known that plasma TV has the highest picture quality, especially when the display is larger in size.LCD and LED are more suitable for functional use.Smart TV came in at this time.Smart TV is like a tablet.You can access internet service applications such as Netflix and Pandora.If you are aware of your carbon footprint, the LED or LCD TV will be more suitable for you, as the plasma TV will consume more power on average.The plasma TV is more suitable for action scenes and motion scenes, which are usually very fast.paced.
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