led thread bulb repurpose your old incandescent light bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-02-12
3 advocates of R \ (reduction, reuse and recycling) feel sad to learn that incandescent lamps cannot be recycled.There are millions of bulbs in use in the UK and now we are turning to energy efficient LED lighting and what needs to be done to prevent them from eventually being landfill.Fortunately, there is an option besides throwing the light bulb that you don't already exist into the bin.Safe hollowed bulb-Going out can be reused in a variety of interesting and practical ways.All you need to do is look at its original purpose.Before you start your creative business, you need to remove the lid and filament assembly from each bulb.This can be done very directly using pliers and screwdriver.Just make sure you wear eye protection.You will have a light bulb before you know it, which is empty but full of potential.If you're still looking for inspiration, we 've prepared some examples to get you started.Bulb vases they are already Glass, a bit like a vase, so turning your bulb into a container for your flowers is not a huge leap forward in the imagination.More importantly, they are simple and quick to make.Fill the bulb with water or soil and hang it around your home with a thread or wire.These will illuminate your home in a brand new way.If your heart is more of an amateur, or just more of a challenge, then you can also try to create your own little natural environment.These are basically a small greenhouse that can be made by filling bulbs with various items in the garden.Soil, stone, Moss, etc.Making one piece is both beneficial and beneficial experience of treatment, and the final result is impressive window sill decoration.A chemical device that reuses old bulbs is not a new fashion.Mass Science version 1933 shows you how to turn your old lamps into chemical glassware.You can put your son or daughter's own chemical devices on the Great Path of science.Your bulbs may have burned out, but they can still continue to shine.A Brooklyn-A big fee based on the designer converting his bulb into an oil lamp, but you can use some tools to make your own bulb for freeSome household items including laces, bottle caps, magnets and lamp oil.Do you need new salt and pepper shake bottles for salt and pepper shake bottles?You can use a pair of old bulbs to make some wobbles that look stylish.All you need is a hacker.Some hex nuts and two caps.It's worth it. no one can tell the difference.If you have a particularly large number of bulbs, a German company called "bulb unlimited" can lend a helping hand.They sell special kits that can be used to turn your old bulb into an amazing new lampshade.If you have any other ideas on how to reuse your old incandescent lamp, please let us know!If you need some inspiration to buy LED lighting products, we recommend some second generation gu10 24 smd led bulbs!
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