led tv reviews Best Low Input Lag Gaming TV 2014-2015

by:Leimove     2020-03-05

There are two types of game fans going to look for a great game hd TV.Those who are looking for HD TVs for casual games and TV viewing, as well as hardcore FPS players who want dedicated HD TVs with low input latency.To meet the needs of these two articles, the article will be divided into two parts and will include a learning section for those who want to know more about what to look for when choosing game TV.Input Lag, not to be confused with response time, is the difference between the time when the signal from the actual display to the device is sent to the TV.Low input lag is the most important for FPSA small fraction of the second type of game can mean a difference between life and death.That said, even RPG and strategy gamers will be affected by some HD TVs with input delays that can exceed 100 MS!Some HD TVs come with game or PC mode and do reduce the overall input delay by reducing the number of filters the picture passes through.This trade-It is usually obtained by sacrificing the quality of the picture, but for serious players it may be well worth it.1.) AVS Forums -AVS Forum is one of the most respected audio, video and technology forums on the Internet.See the topic entitled "enter war" where participants will give you more than 100 pages of information about the latest TV input delays today and how you can run these tests yourself.2.) Event Forum-In combat tournaments, input lag can have a huge impact.Shroyuken.Com is a respected theme forum.Specifically, see their posts for sub 1 frame input lag monitor and TV.3.) TFT Central -TFT central is a supplement to viewing HD TVs and including the number of input lags.It is worth a visit if you are looking for a new TV.4.) HDTV Test -A relatively new site like TFT Central includes input lag as a standard test in their comments.Given the forum and my own research and testing, I came up with 5 modern TVs that are great options for PC games as well as console games on PS4 and Xbox One.For these options, I prioritize anything below 20 MS while avoiding delays of 34 MS or more.Keep in mind that we are giving priority to input lag.While most of these models will be rated fairly good by regular consumer players, considering the input lag, trade-offs between models with top-level models and well-rated and show extremely low lag.1.Sony KDL-Sony KDL-.KDL released on 2013-47W802A is fairly new, so it has all the modern features like the smartphone NFC screen mirror you are looking for, built in-in wi-Fi and apps, as well as modern engines.Also, the sound above is great even if there is no external speaker.That is to say, its biggest feature is low input lag.It has an incredible 17 Ms input delay that beats many excellent game monitors on the market.This means that you can get the feel and picture of the big screen hd TV without bothering the lag of most TV sets.Since the new 2014 models have been released, it may be a bit difficult to buy a new one;But if you can find one then it will be worth it very much.3D smart TV for PC and host games-If you are looking for something bigger and easier to get then I recommend Sony KDL55W950B.This is a 55 inch 1080 p 3D Smart led TV with rich functions and more importantly, the input delay is only 17 MS.While I'm not sure if the 65 version of this TV follows the pattern of other models and sizes in the 2014 series, then it's likely that it's less than 20 ms either.In addition to excellent specifications, the KDL55W950B is equipped with features such as Playstation Now, allowing you to easily stream games.Overall, this TV pays a little extra for the features you provide.Having said that, I never thought of spending a little more money on quality.If possible, find it within the price range of $1700 to $1800.While Sony has most of the lower input delay options on the TV market, Toshiba has a very good model and I think I will mention it.The input delay of Toshiba 47L6200U released on 2012 was 18 MS, which was impressive.Despite its launch in 2012, it still has many modern features such as web browsing, Netflix, VUDU and YouTube streaming services.Overall, it's a good TV if you can find it at a discount.While it's not everywhere, you can usually find it for a new price of $1200 to $1400.If you can buy one of them at a cheap price, do it.Still, it's not always easy because people like me try to snipe them from emailAlways in the Bay.Samsung LE32C530-Panasonic TX-Panasonic TX-Toshiba 47VL863B-Panasonic TC-Did you know that in 1080 p a lot of games and most satellite and cable shows are not even available to watch?So 720 p is a cheap alternative to some of the more expensive 1080 P models.One of the best 720 p game hd TV is Panasonic TC-The 32LX85 performed admirably in the input lag test and was a great place around the TV set.With 3 HDMI, 2 composite videos, 1 S-Video, 2 audio inputs, 1 component, and an SD memory card slot Panasonic makes it easy to connect to any number of devices you may have.The contrast of this model is the 100001, which is a good number, but with the exception of this number, black people look deeper than the other models I have compared.This model is not common on many sites, but if you can find one at a reasonable price then I would highly recommend it.You should also look at the Panasonic viera tc recently replaced-L32X30 with ips LCD panel.Xbox 360.This is another very interesting video I found, comparing the input delay between Xbox 360 and ps3.I would love to hear your thoughts on the author's claim that his Playstation 3 has more input delays.If you have tested for yourself, then please leave a comment in the section at the bottom of this page.LG 32LV2400 32-LED-720 p 60HzTechnical details include response time of 9 MS, refresh rate of 60Hz, 100,000: 1 DCR, 2 HDMI, D-Sub 15 pin x 1, 1 USB, 1 optical output, 1 Composite A/V, 720 p resolution and 1 year part and manual warranty.Input lag is not confirmed.I 'd love to hear what TV you're using and any results you might get from the input lag test.Also thanks for constructive feedback, including suggestions for other models that I should introduce.
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