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What Is HDTV?Hd TV or just HD TVDefinition TV) means that the resolution is much higher than that of the traditional TV system SDTV or SD (standard-TV ).HD has one or 2 million pixels per frame, about five times that of SD.Early high-definition television broadcasts used analog technology, but today's high-definition TVs used video compression for digital broadcasting.Image resolution describes the details that the image contains.Higher resolution means more image detail.Early high-definition television broadcasts used analog technology, but today's high-definition TVs used video compression for digital broadcasting.Video compression refers to reducing the amount of data used to represent digital video images, which is a combination of spatial image compression and time motion compensation.Video compression is an example of the concept of source coding in information theory.This paper discusses its application: compressed video can effectively reduce the bandwidth required to transmit video via terrestrial broadcasting, cable television, or satellite television services.The frame size in pixels is defined as the number of horizontal pixels × the number of vertical pixels, such as 1280 × 720 or 1920 × 1080.Generally, the number of horizontal pixels is implied from the context and is omitted, as in the case of 720 p and 1080 p.The scanning system uses the letter P for line-by-line scanning and I for line-by-line scanning.The frame rate is recognized as the number of video frames per second.For staggered systems, it is common to use another form that specifies the number of fields per second.The linear resolution of the hd TV is twice that of the standard resolutionHd TV (SDTV), more detailed than analog TV or normal DVD display.The technical standard for broadcast HD TVs also deals with aspect ratio images of 16:9 without the use of letter boxing or deformation stretching, thus improving effective image resolution.Is HD ready?High definition readiness relates to the ability of the TV receiver to display high levelsDefine pictures.High Definition TV can accept and display high definition TVUsing Component video or digital input, define the signal at 720 p, 1080i, or 1080 p without built-in-in HD-capable tuner.Plasma TV.The plasma display panel (PDP) is a common type of flat panel display for large TV displays (80 cm or larger.Only many tiny cells between the two glass panels hold a mixture of rare gases.The gas in the battery is electrically converted into a plasma that emits ultraviolet light and then stimulates the glowing substance to emit visible light.The resolution of the high-definition TV plasma TV is usually 1,024 × 768, there are 1,280 × 768 on many 42 pieces on the plasma screen, and 1,366 × 768 on 50 pieces on the plasma screen, 1,920x1,080 found in or in the plasma screen size, from 42 to 103.These displays are typically line-by-line displays with square pixels and are displayed upExpand their standardsA defined signal that matches the local display resolution.LCD TV Liquid-LCD TV.LCD TV is rapidly replacing the only major competitor in the big TV market.Plasma display and rear screen marketProjection TV.The color on the LCD TV is produced by filtering the white light source and then selectively turning off the three primary colors.The accuracy and quality of the final color depends on the backlight source and its ability to produce white light evenly.LED-LCD backlight TVThe Led can be in two forms, dynamic RGB led or white edge located behind the panel-LEDs located on the edge of the screen use a special diffusion panel to evenly disperse light behind the screen.LED-Backlight LCD TV different from traditional CCFLThey can produce images with greater dynamic contrast compared to CCFLLCD TV backlight.x95 With Edge-They can have very slim LED lighting.At present, the models on the market can be about 1 inch thick.They can provide a wider range of colors, especially when RGB-Use LED backlight.The environmental pollution is small.The cost is higher due to the current market product layout.In the range of 20-20, the power consumption is usually lower30%.3D-ready TV.3D TV is a kind of TV that uses 3D technology, such as stereo capture, multi-View capture (2D depth) and 3D display (a special viewing device used to project a TV show into three realistic scenes)Size field.The choice is yours!Direct Satellite Flight-Tv To PC.Click Here!
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